Bangladesh Stock Exchange

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Stock market is an essential part of capital market. The economy of our country largely depends on a strong capital market. Contribution of any stock exchange generally leads to economic growth by increasing the funds to finance industry and other enterprise.

Stock exchange is an independent company formed by shareholders members. It can take various decisions independently. The objectives of stock exchange is to provide a market place along with facilities for together the buyers and seller’s of securities, promote just and equitable principles of trade, protect the interest of the investors.

A complete automation project of Chittagong stock exchange is on full swing. Considering the important the role of Chittagong stock exchange in development of capital market of Bangladesh, an attempt, has been in this terms paper to study the contemporary practices of stock trading in Chittagong stock market.


Where the rationality is the answer is prominently dominant in the why we make research?. The easiest are follow: 1.Make enable the students to realize the practical field of research. 2.Help to pursue the study in better way. understand and realize where management practices.
4.To complete in the job sector in vigorously.
5.To deserve the international recognition.
6.To fulfill the condition posed by the BBA program.


The main and foremost objective of this study is to be acquainted with the operational activities followed by Chittagong operational activities followed by Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). To achieve the main objective, the present study covers the following specific objectives: To identify the services rendered by CSE.

To identify the goal and objectives of the organization To know the performance of CSE
To review the operational system of CSE
To identify the problem of stock exchange and
To recommended some remedial measures to solve the problems.


The present study is a part of academic curriculum. The collected data and information have been tabulated, processed and analyzed carefully. It has been prepared in present from to make the study more informative and useful. The study period has been made only by fifteen days. I tried my best to be acquainted with all the sections and departments of this organization.

The information of the term paper has been collected through primary and secondary sources. Most of the data have been collected from secondary sources.

The primary data had been collected by direct interviews and discussions all the secondary information helps a lot. The secondary information is collected from various books, financial papers, document articles related with the capital market, stock exchange, and security & exchange commissions etc. All secondary information also collected from library.


The securities & exchange commission of Bangladesh was established on 8th June 1993. SEC is an autonomous body. It is the central regulatory agency which acting as watch dog to protect the interest of interest of investors in stocks and securities, developing and regulating the securities market. Its main function is to cover entire capital market including the establishment of fair trading practices and close supervision of listed companies, markets and playing the role as policy making and oversight body. OBJECTIVES OF SEC

To control the financial institutions.
To regulate the capital market
To protect the interest of investors in securities
To develop the securities market
Ensuring proper issuance of securities and compliance of law relating to securities. FUNCTIONS OF SEC
SEC mainly undertakes the following activities
Regulating the stock and securities market
Registering regulating the business of stock-brokers, sub-brokers, shares transfers...

References: 3. “Portfolio” of Chittagong Stock Exchange, (Jan-Mar; 2006).
10. Annual reports of thirty listed companies– 2002, 2003, 2004 of CSE.
11. Accounts & Finance Department of CSE.
12. “Profit, Loss & Risk” – CSE, Published in the 31st December, 2006.
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