Riordan Implementation Plan

Topics: Human resource management, Strategy, Salary Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: February 18, 2009
Implementation Plan
Michael Riordan has committed to spending the money needed to make the necessary improvements and recommendations from Barbara Masterson of Human Capital Consulting who was hired to look at the issues being discussed. While the recommended changes will begin to be implemented immediately, it will take some time to complete based on the number of manufacturing plants and employees involved. Implementation will occur in stages over the next 12 months (Scenario, 2007).

The first stage to complete will be the salary survey and adjustments needed to position Riordan competitively in the marketplace with regard to base wages and salaries. This will take three months to complete. The second stage to complete will be the incentive system based on the changes in the sales strategy and will incorporate all employees who support the sales process including the R&D team. During this development process training will be ongoing with regard to the new sales strategy. This will take six months to complete. The third and final stage will be to develop a performance appraisal process, which will provide a clearer understanding and alignment with the strategic plan and the employee reward system. The appraisal process will identify superior performers for potential advancement but will also identify employees who are not performing up to the clearly defined performance expectations and allow for actions to be taken to remedy the situation, either improvement or termination. This will take 12 months to complete (Scenario, 2007).

Evaluation of Results
In the end, Riordan can define success by looking back at the end-state goals. Measurements of overall employee satisfaction will be captured at the end of one year with the goal of scoring greater than 4.0. After implementing the team incentive system, the goal was to reach a rating of 4.0 or greater in the next year. The final goal will be realized if the consolidated voluntary separation rate is less than...
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