Service Request Sr-Rm-022, Part 3

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Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 3
BSA 375

System Implementation

The implementation portion of the Riordan project could in fact, prove to be one of the most challenging parts. However, this could be the part that is worth all of the effort. There will have to be a team of experienced developers in various different Information Technology fields to see the implementation portion stage through to completion; this cannot be known as a “one-man show.” Several of the departments within the Riordan organization will have to be given priorities when it comes to implementing the new human resource management system. Since this type of system has been deemed automated and is on an Information Technology platform, the initial two departments to consider are human resource management, and Information Technology. The teams of professionals that are located in these departments would need to be part and parcel of the entirety of the system design and development processes. The other departments that should be considered would be finance and operational management, as they are a largely fundamental part of Riordan’s organizational decision making framework. What we are going to do, is show in this implementation the six different stages that will be incorporated into the new HRIS system at Riordan. These six stages are deemed necessary in the analysis of the HRIS and insure the success of the new system.


The system developers have decided to implement Riordan Manufacturing’s HRIS system by purchasing a software package that has been licensed by the Microsoft Corporation. This decision was based upon the compatibility of Riordan Manufacturing’s current Windows operating system.While the new human resource management system is being designed for Riordan Manufacturing, it is very important to consider all of the essential features and functions of it so that it can be assured that a flawless module is being developed. The actual HRIS will...

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