Rim Case
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Research in Motion:
Managing Explosive Growth

January 20, 2013

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3 Identification 4 Analysis and evaluation 4 External Analysis 4
Competitive environment 4
PESTE analysis 5
Industry Key Success Factors 6
Five Forces Analysis 7
Implications 8 Internal Analysis 8
Financial Analysis 8
SWOT Analysis 9
Corporate and Functional strategies 10 Discussion of alternatives and key decision criteria 11 Recommendations 14 Action Plan 15 Contingency Plan 15 Appendices 16
Appendix A 16
Appendix B 16
Appendix C 17
Appendix D 17

Executive Summary

Over the past couple of years, Research in Motion (RIM) experienced explosive growth in both its own entity and from competitors in the Smartphone industry. The key areas of RIM’s focus are its research and development (R&D) sector and its ability to keep producing state of the art mobile devices.
As RIM plans for expansion to keep its significant market share on data devices, management needs to be concerned about the approach taken to protect its cryptographic and software source code, as this is a key reason that RIM enjoys a competitive advantage.
There are four alternatives to consider in managing RIM’s explosive growth: 1. Do what we do now, only more of it 2. Grow and expand existing geographic locations 3. Increase acquisitions 4. Go global

In choosing the best alternative, certain criteria had to be met which included: * Increase recruitment of talent * Increase research and development capabilities * Maintain current unique organization culture * Protection of intellectual property ie: source codes * Financially viable * Maintain competitive advantage
Going global is recommended to best address the labour shortfall experienced as a result of RIM's explosive growth. This alternative allows RIM to expand R&D and maintain a competitive advantage by creating

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