Richard Dawkins The Magic Of Reality Essay

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Theory Pages: 6 (1484 words) Published: December 11, 2015

The lack of understanding and authenticity behind the reasons on why or how things exist have led to the creations of myths such as the Greek, Romans, Scandinavians, and other people around the world who began to use their stories as explanations. Authors Richard Dawkins and Edith Hamilton’s books help better understand two different points of views on the Mythological Theory.
• Mythology was created by people back before it was understood how such things came into existence. These stories were eventually passed on from generation to generation.
• Myths start by having unanswered questions, and continue as an explanation to result with a final possible answer.
• For many years, myths were orally shared throughout many generations, eventually...

• Dawkins was inspired to write an introduction to science, after, and based his book on how science closes the gap between what is real and what is not.
• He uses stories of the Greek, Scandinavian, Egyptian, and others, to compare the mythological theory that people used to believe back then, versus the scientific answers.
• He states that questions unanswered have scientific answers behind them, and mythological answers were simply ways to understand things they did not understand before science became as advanced as it is now.
• Edith Hamilton has a different type of fascination towards the idea of mythology. In her book Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, she solemnly writes about all the different myths that were told in Greece and Rome.
• Intrigued by the stories, Hamilton shares stories about myths people used to, and probably still believe in.
• She uses her work in support of the theory behind the theory of mythology and what more or less people used to believe.
• Unlike Richard Dawkins, Edith Hamilton’s book gives the myths a chance of redemption as the explanations as to why things exist the way they...
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