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Biology practical 10

January, the 28th, 2013

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Respiration is the number of processes which leads to the oxidation of organic compounds to produce the energy. There are several types of respiration, and one of them is aerobic. During the aerobic respiration, human uses the oxygen from atmosphere and produce carbon dioxide. A cardiorespiratory system which includes lungs, heart, blood vessels and others is responsible for all the processes linked to the respiration and controlled by the nervous system. During rest and maximum exercise, nearly all of the ATP needed to maintain the bodily functions is produced by aerobic metabolism. The aerobic metabolism depends on the utilization of oxygen and there is a standard ratio between amount of oxygen consumed and the amount of ATP produced. Since aerobic metabolism takes place in the skeletal muscles, oxygen must be transported from the atmosphere to the muscle cells in order to replenish ATP. Because the rate of oxygen delivery must increase during exercise, the functions of the heart and lungs must also increase during exercise. Respiration exchange ratio should increase when exercises are done because the muscle cells will deliver more CO2 to the bloodstream. Human also must consume more oxygen by inhaling larger amount of air. The objective of the lab practical was to identify a breathing rate of an experimental subject, rate of oxygen consumption and CO2 production alternation regarding the changes of the physical activity level of the subject. In order to find that, also the knowledge of such criteria as a lung capacity, a resting breathing rate and a tidal volume, a blood pressure, a resting pulse rate, inspiratory and expiratory reserve volumes of lungs is needed, so that it is possible to calculate the respiratory exchange ratio.
Methods and materials: stethoscope, spirometer, Douglas bag, dry gas meter, CO2/O2 analyzer, stopwatch, breathing mask,

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