Cellular Respiration

Topics: Cellular respiration, Citric acid cycle, Adenosine triphosphate Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: December 8, 2013
1. Draw a picture of a mitochondrion. Label the inner membrane, outer membrane, cristae, intermembrane space and matrix.
2. What are other names for the acetyl co-A formation stage?

3. Why are mitochondria often called the “powerhouses” of the cell? 4. Where in the cell does acetyl co-A formation occur?
5. What has to happen to the end product of glycolysis before the Krebs cycle will take place?
6. What molecule is found at the beginning of acetyl co-A formation? 7. a. How is pyruvic acid changed to acetyl co-A?
b. When pyruvic acid is changed to acetyl co-A, is it being oxidized or reduced?
8. Summarize all of the important products (and their quantities) yielded after one pyruvic acid molecule “leaves” glycolysis and goes through the acetyl co-A formation stage.
9. What is another name for the Krebs cycle?
Citric acid cycle
10. How is the 6-carbon molecule (citrate) created within the Krebs cycle? 4 carbon molecule attaches to the2 carbon molecule
11. How many times will the Krebs cycle take place for each molecule of glucose that undergoes glycolysis? Why?
2 because glucose gets broken down into 2 pyruvates
12.How many ATPs are consumed in the Krebs cycle?
13. In total, how many ATPs are produced after one round of the Krebs cycle?
1 per cycle x 2

14.What is the net production of ATP molecules yielded from one round of the Krebs cycle?
1 per cycle
15. What two energy carriers are yielded during the Krebs cycle? NADH and FADH2
16. How many of each type of energy carrier is yielded from one pyruvate molecule?
3 NADH and 1 FADH2
17. In which stage of aerobic cellular respiration will the energy carriers be used?
Electron transport chain and chemiosmosis
18. What waste product is expelled during the Krebs cycle and how many molecules of it are produced per molecule of acetyl CoA? 2 CO2
19. Summarize all of the important products (and their quantities) yielded after one pyruvic acid molecule is modified and goes through the Krebs...
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