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1.1 Statement of the Problem

We want all of our system releases to go to production seamlessly, without defects, where

everyone is aware and informed of the outcomes and status. The general problem of the

client is they need a computerized system that can reserve the room and resort that they

want, for them to be easy to list the number of rooms that is available, this system will

emphasize the difference of using the manual reservation and the computerized

reservation. The Paradise tours is the company who needed this computerized system for

reservation, It is important to fix this problem because if we will not focus in this

problem, it will be hard for the Paradise tours staff to list the activities that they need to

list, if our system could help their problem then they will not have hard time to reserve

their customers room.

1.1 The Current State of the Technology

Apparently, the business establishment is currently using the traditional manual system of

Reservation processing. That of which includes the facilities, amenities, pools, rooms of

the said company. Considering that it is a large line of business that’s

Why they needed the computerized system for them to manage the reservation process in

the easiest way. This system will only add information of the chosen hotel and resort.

1.2 Objectives

* To avoid manual and repetitive work

* Real time information of availability of rooms

* Improving decision making

* To provide a web site that can allow a user to search and reserve a hotel room or

cancel his/her reservation over the internet anytime.

* To record details of various activities of the user.

1.3.1 General Objectives

* If we’re using Manual reservation, it may consume more time in listing the

information for reservation. When using our system, it will be easier for the staff


record and manipulate the information in reserving.

* It will be clearer to see the availability of rooms, so you can know already if the

room is available or not.

* Enhances your decision ability in choosing.

* It will be easier for the customer to browse the different informations of different

resorts and hotels and at the same time, if they changed their mind, they can

cancel or change their reserving schedule.

* You can see the log activities of cancelled reservation, occupied rooms, etc.

managed by the user.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives

1. To increase the security between the management and staff.

To be sure the security and the personal information of each management and staff.

And easily to save and retrieve files through computer.

2. To lessen time consume.

In just one click you can browse and you can see easily see the accommodation of each

hotel and restaurant and also the promo they give than the manual reservation, you need

go to the hotel or resort to inquire to.

3.  To spend less time in searching and retrieving of files.

By using our database you can easily search, retrieve and also add anything you want in

just one click than the manual step or reservation

4. To become make easier to find the availability rooms.

You can easily browse and see the availability of each rooms and their accommodation,

just you need to do is to their website than go to their place instantly.

1.3.3 Scope and Limitations

This study is conducted to know the reason behind the

proponents on how will their purposed systems will help the Hotel Management.

Hotel Reservation System is fully scalable and designed to

provide extensive flexibility and varied choices. Typical hotel

reservation and ecommerce hotel system software reservationsolutions currently in place 

and available today are technically designed to achieve only one objective function,

which is to connect BUYER TO SELLER....
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