Bakit Po Putang Ina Mo Ka?

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The HMS research is for hotel that having a problem regarding in the security and saving all transactions in the hotel. The HMS research manages the hotel reservation, keeping track the regular customer, and securing all the information of the guest and securing the access of the users. With the use of password the system is protected against the user that no rights to used the password. The purpose of HMS project is to help the user with the problem they are encountering regarding the unauthorized access and their reservation. The goal of the system is to make a system that makes quick and easy reservation. The system provides accurate reports to the managers and owners. The project enables the user staff to access according to their rights in an easy and reliable way. The system saved all the transaction made by the user. This information was saved on the system and when there is a request for report the system generate the reports that is being requested by the users.


With the growing competition in the hospitality industry, the need for effective and efficient management of the hotels, motels, and lodges is being felt by their owners. The system not only helps automate the process of reservation in the hotel, but also helps the efficient management of the same.

Whether it is making reservations, bookings, billing or keeping track of the customers, the hotel management system provides everything at just a few mouse clicks. This system is principally created to suite the requirement of the hotel management and can be easily installed and manipulated according to the specific need of the hotel.

The hotel management system can be employed in front desk department, housekeeping department, reservation department and accounts department of any hotel for proper organization of the hotel activities and day-to-day operations. This capability offers a wide range of adaptability that satisfies both the customers and hotel personnel.

The researchers are offering this system to the given hotel with the belief that it will help the hotel to solve the problems. This proposed system must address the concerns of the management and staff of the hotel and enable them for better interaction with the customer’s.

The HMS research is designed to help empower luxury inns, bed, breakfasts and other services. The system will improve the overall image of the service provider by improving the quality with assisting in the overall management of all the customer’s products and services.

1. Project Context

The project system will build relationships with customers and secure the personal information of the customers. The customer’s can make reservations, inquiries and cancellations via phone.

In this kind of system they find it easy of storing and retrieving of all the data of booking as well as the details of every customer. This system focuses of the way in process of payment, ordering foods and reservation of the room which is the main process to computerized system.

2. Purpose and Description

The Hotel management system is a computerized system that stores and distributes information of a hotel, resort, or other lodging facilities. The comprehensive hotel system has simplified multiple tasks for the hotels including hotel reservation and tracking of regular customers, etc. The system will help facilitate comfortable satisfaction, beside that it will avoid confusion when the guests arrive to find there is no room available.

The HMS research will also know how many rooms are still available for occupation. And so that the chef and kitchen staff will know how many guests are arriving and be able to stock on food and drinks.

Hotels are independently assessed in traditional systems and these rely heavily on the facilities provided. Some consider this disadvantageous to smaller hotels whose quality of accommodation could fall into one class but the lack of an item such as an...
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