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Topics: Scientific method, Research, Academic publishing Pages: 4 (968 words) Published: May 4, 2013
FSSA – Research Assignment – Assessment Task 2

DUE TUESDAY 7 May 2013

“Researchers build on existing beliefs and knowledge. In doing so they must be able to evaluate both the evidence of others as well as their own research. This paper is an example of research as part of a whole body of knowledge.”

In your response you should:
* Outline what the research in this paper is about (the hypotheses and abstract would be helpful here) * Explain how the authors use secondary research in the introduction of the paper. What do they present about past research into their topic area? Why do they do this? * Review the methodologies used – list TWO independent instruments that are used to help them in their data analysis – how do these affect the reliability and validity of their data analysis? * Briefly summarise THREE of the most significant points they made in the discussion of the results. What strengths and weaknesses can you see in their work? * The authors suggest some limitations with their research. Are these the only ones? Why is it important to identify limitations in research? * Refer to the quote above – can you see evidence of this research supporting the statement provided? Discuss using specific examples from the research paper to support your view.

Task Expectations:
You are expected to demonstrate your understanding of the principles of good research and research methods with reference to Not Worth the Fuss After All? Your assignment is NOT about video games and violence – it is about RESEARCH. Research Article being analysed:

Ferguson C J, Garza A, Jerabeck J, Ramos R & Galindo M Not Worth the Fuss After All? Cross-sectional and Prospective Data on Violent Video Game influences on Aggression, Visuospatial Cognition and Mathematics Ability in a Sample of Youth. in Journal of Youth and Adolescence published online 9 August 2012 It is...
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