Psyc 255 Synthesis Paper

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Case Study
Kimberly Greenway
Liberty University

According to the course syllabus we were introduced to the techniques of psychological research. This course was able to provide an understanding of how research is done, and what methods we can use to do so. By having a clear understanding of research and techniques used, it allows us to communicate effectively in regards to ideas behind the research process. In this paper, I will use myself as the case study to examine exactly what I learned about research. In the field of mental health, professionals must be constantly looking for ways to help their patients. (Cozby & Bates 2012). When dealing with research, it allows us to explore valuable information that has been researched before. By understanding the value of research or ways to interpret, it helps you decide the legitimacy of your research and how to apply it while other methods may rely on personal experiences or feelings. By knowing the value of the scientific method, this allows us to hold our information to possibly a higher standard. Ideas are looked at logically and others, to ensure validity, interpret conclusions. (Cozby & Bates 2012). Ethical Research

After gaining a clear understanding in regards to research, I’ve learned that it’s not necessarily what we find out from research but, where we gathered the information. We always need to be concerned with how we went about finding the information. With all information gathered, we must also gather participants. It is important to gather all participants to find the most accurate results, as well as ensuring equal treatment of all participants. One major step to ensure proper treatment is to gather informed consent. By doing so, this allows all participants to understand all parts of research that may affect their decision in participating. This obviously doesn’t indicate that we have given full disclosure, so that it doesn’t affect our end results. A safeguard is put in place to protect participants which is called the Institutional Review Board. This board is put in place to protect the participants’ privacy and confidentiality. This can be achieved through anonymous questionnaire, or coding of answers to protect privacy. (Cozby & Bates, 2012). Not only is this board put in place for the protection of people, but also for animals. Another major ethical portion of research is to understand fraud and plagiarism. Some may falsify their findings to indicate a result completely different from their research which is fraud. One thing to consider that may be beneficial is peer review, which can help prevent fraud. The findings should be replicated by others to ensure the results are valid. As long as credit is given when using someone else’s research, it is not considered fraud or plagiarism. Fundamental Research Issues and Measure Concepts

In research, there are several variables that can change depending on the circumstances. Coming up with an operational definition of those variables ensures that all reading the research understand “the procedures used to measure or manipulate” them. (Cozby & Bates, 2012). When we’re looking at more than one variable, we must be concerned with how the variables relate to each other. These relationships can be defined as negative linear, positive linear, curvilinear, or no relationship. The two ways we can study these relationships are through non experimental and experimental methods. Non experimental does not involve any direct manipulation of the variables as opposed to experimental which involves direct manipulation to see results. Reliability is so important because it ensures the most accurate results as possible. You can then use a test-retest, you can give the test twice and judge based on the similarity of results. (Cozby & Bates, 2012) Once a method can be determined and results are attained, we must look for the internal and external validity. Internal validity will occur when...

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