PSY 325 Week 5 Final Paper

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This file of PSY 325 Week 5 Final Paper comprises: Domestic Violence: Factors Impacting Domestic Violence Research Study Critique Psychology - General Psychology
Final Paper

For your Final Paper you will conduct a research study critique.  Utilize the instructor-approved topic that you selected in Week One of the course.  Identify three to five quantitative research studies from peer-reviewed sources which were published within the last ten years that investigate this topic.  Describe the statistical approaches (i.e., identify the variables and their type) used in each study and the interpretation of the results.  Finally, present other statistical approaches that could have been used and, when appropriate, suggest alternative interpretations of the results. This process will allow you to apply the concepts learned in the course in the interpretation of actual scientific research.

The three to five quantitative research studies that have been conducted on your chosen topic must:

Have a clearly stated research hypothesis.
Utilize inferential statistical tests as part of the research study. Present the results of the statistical analysis.
Interpret the results of the statistical analysis.
Discuss the implications of the results of the study.

The Final Paper must contain the following sections:


This section will provide a general introduction and review relevant literature to the topic being studied. The research studies being critiqued will also be introduced in this section.  In the Introduction, the research hypothesis associated with each study should also be clearly defined.

In this section, the research method and statistical approaches for each of the studies being critiqued will be presented. This section should include a...

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