Report on Recruitment and Selection Processes

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Assessment Task 2: Recruitment and selection policy and procedures

Healthcare United is an organisation that endeavours to employ the best healthcare professionals. They aim to be the number one Healthcare professionals in Australia, currently employs 1500 Healthcare professionals in VIC and NSW and they wish to widen their operation and open another office in Hobart. Comparing the newly developed 2012 Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy and relevant legislation, I have identified some basic problems still existing in the 2012 recruitment and selection guidelines. Through a detailed analysis on the recruitment and selection procedure, Healthcare United can improve the procedures and the overall process. Timeframes

The policy in 2007 has an estimated timeframe of 30 days plus. This is now within a whole timeframe of 2 - 3 weeks maximum. There really needs to be a specific timeframe so Managers can be guided with that, in the 2007 guidelines the managers knew for example that reporting a position vacant had to be done in 2 – 3 days, this could drag out the initial starting process without this timeframe for each process. I feel each process needs a timeframe to keep the processes in the timely manner not just casual 2 – 3 week maximum timeframe, this is outdated compared to current research and practice. Personnel

The manager and HR are involved. Analysing the vacant position should already be done by the Manager of department, there should be a template already done for all positions. This would speed the process up and can then be advertised as soon as the Manager notifies HR of the position vacant within their department. Approval of the position to be advertised should be done at this point. Documentation

The Manager and HR complete the “permission to recruit form” together in the 2007 policy, however there is no mention of this in the 2012 policy which could lead to confusion at a later date, documentation should be recorded from the start of the process to the employment of the new employee. Policy should be in place at every process. Training & Support

Managers are offered the support for HR in training of personal in 2012 policy, however nothing is mentioned in the policy about the processes of how this will be done? There needs to be a clear process of this as new employees will be asking what it is and how it is conducted? There is no mention of training in the 2007 Guidelines for training either and no mention of induction processes. The manager of each department should be able to identify knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies required for each employee. Support systems needed to implement policy and procedure. Eg: change to the workplace physical setting or new equipment. This all comes under the WHS legislation.

Monitoring and Evaluation
Mangers should be monitoring and evaluating there department in an ongoing manner, this should be recorded and updated in a formal document or record management system? In the 2007 guidelines and the 2012 policy nothing is mentioned about these processes at all? This is outdated for policies compared to current research and practise. Any monitoring and evaluation tools used must be accessible to relevant employees, valid and reliable and also comply with relevant legislation. Recommendations

Position vacant analysis - needs to be conducted by managers and then approved by senior management and paperwork to be provided for each and every position as per 2007. HR not managers to deal with legislative and award requirement needs not managers. Position Description – It must be current and as accurate as possible. Templates reviewed on a quarterly basis for each position, and make sure they are in line with current legislation and it is listed within the advertisement. Timeframes - Estimated timeframes for each process need to be added to the policy as it was with the 2007 policy. This will give a clear indication of what the...
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