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Claim 1 Community fair trade2
Claim 2 misleading the public2
Claim 3 Against Animal testing3

Over the past 10 years or so, since the time Body shop was taken over by L’Oreal many reports, articles have been written on the issue and all most every article or report conclude it to be one of the biggest unfair trade in history .All the flurry news reports plus other controversies on the founder Anita Roddick led to 56% drop in the market value of the company, moreover after a very popular article in September 1994 written by Jon Entine “Shattered Image” revelled some of the untold truths about the body shop, which led to a dramatic loss of companies stock value prices .But later with an interview with Claudia cahalane the founder Anita Roddick justified her decision of selling the body shop to L’Oreal by saying Body Shop customers should not be put off by the change of ownership and that she trusts the company completely and she also is ensured that the body shop will always continue to use fair and socially friendly methods in running the company, but generally when a multinational company takes over a local company it affects their ethical values for which the company is known for .This report highlights the ethical claims of the body shop and also assess how far it lives up to those claims.

The body shop international Plc. better known as the body shop, was established by Anita Roddick (then Anita Perilli) in late 1980’s, now a subsidiary of Euronext or L’Oreal cooperation. The firm has been headquartered in Littlehampton west Sussex England. In the early 70’s, when the funder Roddick stopped over a store in California, called the body shop where they traded soaps and other body care lotions, which were made purely of...
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