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(1) Barret’s taxonomy

The Barrett Taxonomy (Clymer, 1968), designed originally to assist classroom teachers in developing comprehension questions and / or test questions for reading, is especially useful for classroom questioning in other content areas as well. Therefore, as much or more can be gained for teacher and for students from a lesson with only a few higher level questions and the varied responses, since all the “facts” are checked while the students get practice in using higher cognitive thinking processes. Barrett’s taxonomy also refers to questions related to reading comprehension and is far more detailed than the ones mentioned above. Each level contains between four and eight categories. As the reader will see, some of these categories are similar to those mentioned in our taxonomy. (123 words)

(2) Based on article form questions for each level of Barratte’s Taxanomy.

(i) Literal Comprehension

Question 1 :
Who was explored the advantage of facebook ?
Question 2 :
Why social network popular among the people ?

(ii) Reorganization

Question 1 :
How was the healtier way starts from facebook?

Question 2 :
Tell how facebook helps to achieve Kathy Johnson’s goal.

(iii) Inferential comprehension

Question 1:
What will happen if Kathy’s did not update her status in facebook?

Question 2 :
How will the peole comment if does not posted anything?

(iv) Evaluvation

Question 1:
In your opinion, do you belief facebook make workout and diets easier.

Question 2 :
Do you agree with Fowler statement “ If you get healtier because you start exercising, this will have a positive effect on your friends, your friends, friends and even your friends’ friends’ friends.”

(v) Appreciation

Question 1:
What did you think when everyone encouraging message on our facebook wall rather have two way communication

Question 2 :
Why the people now shared their personal matter to other people?...
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