Renovation Summary of a New Generation Market

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Renovation Summary of Tai Yuen Market, A New Generation Market
30 Years Serving the Nearby Residents
Tai Yuen estate built in 1980 was the first public housing estate in Tai Po District, Hong Kong. Tai Yuen market provided all daily necessities for the neighborhood for 30 years and it underwent a complete revamp for 6 months in 2010 in hopes of providing nearby residents a pleasant environment and a one-stop convenient shopping experience. Stalls were decanted nearby to ensure business can be carried out serving the grocery shoppers. Revamping the Market while Retaining the Tradition

Modern facilities, professional management, hygienic environment and a trendy market shopping experience can be found at our new Tai Yuen Market. These enhancements help increase the competitiveness of tenants and improve shopping experience for customers. It’s a pioneer project in hope of inspiring others. Design and Facilities

* To enable easier access, ramps exceeding barrier-free-access requirements are in place. * Better internal floor design with stalls of alternative shapes, signage, roof window and open market entrance (demolished brick wall) greatly improve visibility, skylight, permeability and accessibility. As a result, the new market becomes a more open and transparent public place. * Internal floor design removed traditional grid layout plan, together with see-through corridors put an end to dead-end stalls at the end of traditional passage corridors. * Cooking studio, western groceries stalls, a designated food aisles and D.I.Y. bakery shops are examples of complementary trades. * Installed independent ventilation system and underground pipelines for specific trades. e.g. Live poultry smell and bakery aroma no longer mixed together. * Background music, artwork and seating arrangement are added to enhance the ambience and to provide a more enjoyable grocery shopping experience. * Store...
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