Yuan Rong Group: Overview

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Yuan Rong Group

Introduction for Yuan Rong Group:
Since Suzhou Industrial Park was founded in 1994, it matured into a large park. Based on Suzhou Industrial Park, “Yuan Rong” group established in 2005 which is one of the largest investors in this area focusing on real estate, tourism management etc. Particularly the group has good reputation on its real estate involving in all kinds of business development in Suzhou Industrial Park. At the moment, the main investment is concentrated on the development of Central Business District such as “Yuan Rong” Times Square. At the same time, “Yuan Rong” Group has already involved in the development of construction items including the project of “Li Gong Ti”. The first two phases has been open to the public and the third phase is under construction expecting to be open in a short time.

Basic Information for Times Square:
The Times Square started construction from April of 2006 and expected to be open in public in coming October. Location:
“Yuan Rong” Times Square is located at the centre of central business district where it is on the east coast of Golden Cock Lake covering 210 thousands square meters including international business district, “Yuan Rong” Sky district, casual living district, and the first shopping mall over 100 thousands square meters. International business district: four standard office buildings Yuan Rong sky district: retailing, entertainment and service industry Causal Living district: furniture store, household electrical appliance store, digital store. Shopping Mall: fashion product, supermarket and theater.

Potential Purchasing Power:
The purchasing power not only included residence nearby the square but also supply free shuttle bus to attract 6 million residence living in Suzhou city center. Moreover 20 neighborhoods has been set up that the number of residence would live in this area. Traffic:

“Yuan Rong” Times Square was passed through by main road including Cun Yuan...
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