Recruiting Employees Report

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Hong Kong Island Shangri-La|
2011 Lobby Lounge Report
Submitted to: The Board of Directors|

Lobby Lounge Management Team12/5/2011

Recruiting Employees
1. Introduction

It is critical for every organisation to attract and retain the right employees in order for success. Recruiting the most suitable person for the job involves an efficient usage of a value proposition of the employer and the employer’s brand. As Anon states, “People may be an organisation’s biggest asset-but only when they’re the right people.”(Cole, 2010, p.850)In other words, the direction, intensity, and persistence of an individual employee’s motivation play a crucial role, as does the evaluation and reward system that is used in a company (Ivancevich et al, 2011, p.149). In the following report, a job examination of our current bartender in Lobby Lounge by measures of success, and an employer brand plus value proposition will be examined. 2. Situation

Hong Kong Island Shangri-La is a Hong Kong famous international five stars hotel .World-class 5-star service, tranquil surroundings, inspirational architecture and design, and highest quality food and beverages are found here. This hotel is honoured by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the best hotels in the world for dining (HIV/AIDS resources, 2011). Being the only bar available, Lobby Lounge serves as a main attraction of Shangri-La. This bar provides live classical band performances from time to time. Soft lighting and unique advanced interior design attracts many business classes to choose our hotel. Most recently, a change in demographic envioronment is accounted with marketers focused on the young adults group. To adapt to this new change, an introduction of a bartender who can socialize well with the new generation is needed to fulfill this requirement. Our current bar tender is somewhat unsuitable for the genre. As a result, Lobby Lounge requires a younger bartender to promote the bar’s style to achieve a more favourable, relaxed atmosphere. Details on the job vacancy will be posted on our hotel’s official webpage, Government Labour Department Websites and newspaper advertisements. Important criteria for the new bartender involves: a fully understanding of standard drink recipes and ability to mix them quickly and accurately (HIV/AIDS resources, 2011); characteristics of an entertaining extrovert is preferred; a fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and English; and a familiarity of cashier work. Moreover, another basic requirement is having two to three years job experiences in bartending. The interview process will be conducted in Hong Kong Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong Island in 12th June, 2011. People who have enquiries are welcome to contact Tim Buckley, Lobby Lounge manager during working hours. 3. Issue

Market trend and the qualifications of an employee is a related and essential issue which may affect the accomplishments in a wide variety of businesses. In the 21st century, the majority of businesses are tending to use a more modern trend to attract young adults (aged 18-24). Recently, a research on Lobby Lounge’s rates and ranking as a High-class hotel bar indicated a dramatic decrease due to inflation which leads to an economic crisis in our business. According to White (2010, para. 1), it mentions the importance between the market trend and the management of a business, ‘since market swings up and down occur faster during volatile periods, traders may need to adjust their routine to better manage risk associated with volatility changes.’ Therefore, to raise the operating profits and catch up today’s marketing trend in our Bar business, a decision must be reached in an urgent meeting to achieve our aim. Social Appeals Board (2004, p.30), it explains the relationship between the choosing of employee and a business, ‘job satisfaction studies show that there is great satisfaction with an organization, and thus with the formalized aspect of employee influence.’...
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