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Report Card Comments
Some sample generic report card comments are given below. Remember, it is more helpful and informative for parents if you can provide specific rather than general comments whenever possible. Here are words that are useful... 

able, accurate, active, aggressive, ambitious, anxious, attentive, capable, cheerful, confident, cooperative, conscientious, courteous, dependable, determined, eager, energy, energetic, friendly, generous, happy, helpful, imaginative, industrious, initiative, interested, keen, neat, nervous, observant, orderly, pleasant, polite, prompt, quiet, receptive, reliant, resourceful, studious Speaking 

speaks in good sentences
speaks clearly
has difficulty using (pronouns, verbs) correctly - enjoys dramatization enjoys participation in conversation and discussion - expresses ideas clearly has a good oral vocabulary
takes turns talking
speaks with confidence to the group
uses punctuation correctly
is able to place periods and question marks correctly - uses colorful words uses (complex, simple) sentences
is now able to write a complete sentence independently - participates in group story telling (composition) - can write an original story of (one or two sentences, of a few sentences) puts words in the appropriate order

is able to read his sentences back
shows self confidence in writing
can compose several related sentences
is building a good spelling vocabulary - uses his individual dictionary to find unfamiliar words - enjoys learning to spell new words is able to learn to spell words easily - sometimes reverses letters in a word has difficulty remembering the spelling of non-phonetic words - is helped by using hand or body motions to remember spelling Printing 

often reverses letters, such as __, __, etc. - has good (poor) fine-motor skills is able to print on the lines
spaces letters and words correctly
some printing is excellent but is often untidy in daily assignments - enjoys doing neat careful work Math 
can work with numbers to 10 (?) with understanding - understands the signs +, -, = and uses them to make number statements - understands and uses basic facts of addition and subtraction to ____ - reverses some numbers still understands place value to _____

can use manipulatives to add and subtract - can use manipulatives to show place value to _____ - understands money (pennies, dimes, nickels) - relies heavily on concrete objects knows the basic shapes

can count to ______
is able to create graphs using simple data - understands several methods of graphing - is beginning to memorize the number facts ---------------- For listening 
can follow directions
enjoys listening to poetry
enjoys listening to stories
listens carefully
evaluates what he hears
(is able to distinguish, has difficulty distinguishing) sounds in words now knows and is able to use _____ consonant and vowel sounds - confuses the sounds ___ and ___ is able to blend short words using the vowel(s) _____ with (without) assistance is learning to attack words independently - uses the phonics skills to attack new words Reading 

reading is (smooth, jerky, hesitant, rapid, irregular, fluent) - comprehends what he reads is interested in books and reading
can read to follow directions
can now recognize ____ sight words
reads for pleasure
needs lots of repetition and practice in order to retain reading vocabulary is still confusing words which look alike - is beginning to read words in groups (phrases) - reading is becoming (not yet becoming) automatic - enjoys discussing the stories has had difficulty with learning (phonics, sight vocabulary) so in the coming term we will focus on (sight vocabulary, phonics) General Remarks 

is friendly and cooperative
cooperates well
helps others
has a sense of humor
has a good attitude towards school
is working well in all subjects
lacks independence, is gaining independence - is too easily distracted is becoming more...
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