Relationships Between Travel and Tourism Organisations

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Examples of organisations working together

Tour operators & Travel agents
These two sectors are connected because a travel agency sells holidays for a tour operator who will put together the whole package .e.g. Lunn poly which is a worldwide travel agency sells holidays for Kuoni which is a tour operator that specializes in luxury holidays.

Attractions & Transport operators
These two sectors are connected because when travelling to Buckingham Palace there are bus routes and tube routes which direct you straight to the location of Buckingham Palace. London Underground has announcements on their Victoria line at Green Park which tells you when you should get off if you are visiting Buckingham Palace.

Transport operators & Tour operators
These two sectors are connected by tour operators organizing holidays and needing a transport operator to provide transport for the customer to get to the destination e.g. Thomascook organises holidays for customers, and then works with Easyjet to get the customer there.

What is common ownership?
This exists if an entity or entities possess an ownership or equity interest of 5 percent or more in another entity. Different types of ownership
Sole trader is when the business is fully owned and managed by one person, though others can be employed to help run the business. Partnerships have two or more owners. They work, manage and are responsible for the running of the business. Individual partners may concentrate on a certain aspect of the business where they have expert knowledge. Private limited company means members of the public cannot buy the shares and the shareholders cannot buy or sell their shares without agreement from the other shareholders. Family owned businesses or larger businesses such as Virgin would fit into this category. Public limited companies have shares on the stock market and can be bought and sold by any member of the public, this way the company can raise further capital and expand...
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