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I. Name of Business: High Speed Travel and Tour Brand Logo/ Packaging: Brand Tagline: Leading You from Here to Beyond High Speed Travel and Tour (02)7358825 (02)7332911www.highspeedtravelandtour.com.ph II. Features: High Speed Travel and Tour arrange all types of domestic and international travel, from hotel and resort accommodations to air and ground transportation, including car rental needs and tour packages. Also provides individual and group travel to leisure and corporate clients...

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Safe Travel

Occasionally we have to go to other city or country on businesses. After a year of hard work, people receive a holiday, and they do not like to spend it sitting at home. Millions of people all over the world spend their holiday travelling. They travel to see   other countries and continents, modern cities and ruins of ancient cities, to enjoy picturesque landscapes or just to change the situation. It is always interesting to discover the new, to see, how different the life can be, to meet new people...

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Travel Expenses

Problem 1: Travel Expenses Problem Description: Write a C++ program that calculates and displays the total travel expenses of a business trip. The user must provide the following information: * Number of days spent on the trip. * The departure on the first day of the trip, and the time of arrival back home on the last day of the trip. The departure and arrival time must be entered in 12h or 24h formats. Your program should consider AM and PM. * The amount of meals eaten The company...

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Risks of Budget Travel

Risks of Budget Travel A well-known song expresses many travel-dreamers’ complaints, “I want to travel to Guilin, but when I have the money, I don’t have the time; I want to travel to Guilin, but when I have the time, I don’t have the money.” Travel requires time and expenditure on traffic, accommodation, food, scenic spot tickets, and so on. People’s obsession with travel bears a new travel form-- budget travel. The first website about budget...

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Business World Travel: Tips For Business Travel Abroad

especially if traveling to developing nations. It is important to note that some foreign countries require visas for business travel but not tourist travel. Therefore, when company representatives request visas from a consulate or embassy, they should notify the authorities that they will be conducting business. Business people should check visa requirements each time they travel to a ccountry because regulations change periodically. Contact an Export Assistance Center to learn about documentation requirements...

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Travel Book Review

INTRODUCTION TO TRAVEL AND TOURISM TRAVEL BOOK REVIEW TRAVEL ETCETERA THE WORLD ON ANOTHER PLANE STEPHEN SCOURFIELD Travel Etcetera: The World on Another Plane. By Stephen Scourfield. First published in Australia 2005. St George Books, Newspaper House, 50 Hasler Road, Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017. ISBN 0-86778-07101. 182 Pages. $19.95 (Paperback). [i]Stephen Scourfield is a professional full-time Western Australian writer and photographer...

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Wanderlust and Travel Nt

another poem. “When I was but thirteen or so I went into a golden land” and leads on to the protagonist stating that she wants to travel to the edge of the world. The reason for the girl’s desire for many traveling experiences first comes from the quote in W J Tuner’s Poem. Her wide spread of knowledge through her interest in books has also made her want to travel the world. In Wanderlust the protagonist reveals the imaginative journey she takes through her books that she reads. Her sense...

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Intro to Travel Agency

* Food and Beverage * Activities and Attractions * Travel Trade * Others (Publishing companies, Events Organizers Department of Tourism: Mr. Ramon Jimenez, Jr. (Secretary) Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority ( Philippine Tourism Authority) * To develop identified tourism priority areas; * To operate, maintain and promote facilities in pioneering capacity; * Collection of Travel tax * Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) * ( Philippine...

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Travel Broadens the Mind

trip? Do you miss the high-end food you last tried? Travel, without doubt, has a lot of advantages that no one can afford to miss. But there’s more to travelling than just staying at the most expensive hotel and trying different kinds of delicacies. So, how does travel broaden the mind? First and foremost, let me clear up one common misconception. Travelling does not necessarily mean travelling abroad; it means travel as much as one can – travel to the next town, to the seaside resort, to the small...

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Travels, Initiatory Journeys

DOSSIER LITTERATURE ANGLAISE TRAVELS, INITIATORY JOURNEYS, EXILE Traveling has always fascinated men who fed their imagination with this way of escaping the reality of their society. But this is only the first meaning of the word “travel” because it can also take other equally exotic aspects. So we talked about the trip as a physical escape but what about the travel seen as a mental loophole? So traveling could be a way of getting out the entrapment of reality, of the actual situation. But to...

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