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I. Name of Business: High Speed Travel and Tour Brand Logo/ Packaging: Brand Tagline: Leading You from Here to Beyond High Speed Travel and Tour (02)7358825 (02)7332911www.highspeedtravelandtour.com.ph II. Features: High Speed Travel and Tour arrange all types of domestic and international travel, from hotel and resort accommodations to air and ground transportation, including car rental needs and tour packages. Also provides individual and group travel to leisure and corporate clients...

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Travel Expenses

Problem 1: Travel Expenses Problem Description: Write a C++ program that calculates and displays the total travel expenses of a business trip. The user must provide the following information: * Number of days spent on the trip. * The departure on the first day of the trip, and the time of arrival back home on the last day of the trip. The departure and arrival time must be entered in 12h or 24h formats. Your program should consider AM and PM. * The amount of meals eaten The company...

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Safe Travel

Occasionally we have to go to other city or country on businesses. After a year of hard work, people receive a holiday, and they do not like to spend it sitting at home. Millions of people all over the world spend their holiday travelling. They travel to see   other countries and continents, modern cities and ruins of ancient cities, to enjoy picturesque landscapes or just to change the situation. It is always interesting to discover the new, to see, how different the life can be, to meet new people...

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Risks of Budget Travel

Risks of Budget Travel A well-known song expresses many travel-dreamers’ complaints, “I want to travel to Guilin, but when I have the money, I don’t have the time; I want to travel to Guilin, but when I have the time, I don’t have the money.” Travel requires time and expenditure on traffic, accommodation, food, scenic spot tickets, and so on. People’s obsession with travel bears a new travel form-- budget travel. The first website about budget...

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Business World Travel: Tips For Business Travel Abroad

especially if traveling to developing nations. It is important to note that some foreign countries require visas for business travel but not tourist travel. Therefore, when company representatives request visas from a consulate or embassy, they should notify the authorities that they will be conducting business. Business people should check visa requirements each time they travel to a ccountry because regulations change periodically. Contact an Export Assistance Center to learn about documentation requirements...

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Travel Book Review

INTRODUCTION TO TRAVEL AND TOURISM TRAVEL BOOK REVIEW TRAVEL ETCETERA THE WORLD ON ANOTHER PLANE STEPHEN SCOURFIELD Travel Etcetera: The World on Another Plane. By Stephen Scourfield. First published in Australia 2005. St George Books, Newspaper House, 50 Hasler Road, Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017. ISBN 0-86778-07101. 182 Pages. $19.95 (Paperback). [i]Stephen Scourfield is a professional full-time Western Australian writer and photographer...

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Travel Broadens the Mind

trip? Do you miss the high-end food you last tried? Travel, without doubt, has a lot of advantages that no one can afford to miss. But there’s more to travelling than just staying at the most expensive hotel and trying different kinds of delicacies. So, how does travel broaden the mind? First and foremost, let me clear up one common misconception. Travelling does not necessarily mean travelling abroad; it means travel as much as one can – travel to the next town, to the seaside resort, to the small...

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Wanderlust and Travel Nt

another poem. “When I was but thirteen or so I went into a golden land” and leads on to the protagonist stating that she wants to travel to the edge of the world. The reason for the girl’s desire for many traveling experiences first comes from the quote in W J Tuner’s Poem. Her wide spread of knowledge through her interest in books has also made her want to travel the world. In Wanderlust the protagonist reveals the imaginative journey she takes through her books that she reads. Her sense...

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Travels, Initiatory Journeys

DOSSIER LITTERATURE ANGLAISE TRAVELS, INITIATORY JOURNEYS, EXILE Traveling has always fascinated men who fed their imagination with this way of escaping the reality of their society. But this is only the first meaning of the word “travel” because it can also take other equally exotic aspects. So we talked about the trip as a physical escape but what about the travel seen as a mental loophole? So traveling could be a way of getting out the entrapment of reality, of the actual situation. But to...

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Intro to Travel Agency

* Food and Beverage * Activities and Attractions * Travel Trade * Others (Publishing companies, Events Organizers Department of Tourism: Mr. Ramon Jimenez, Jr. (Secretary) Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority ( Philippine Tourism Authority) * To develop identified tourism priority areas; * To operate, maintain and promote facilities in pioneering capacity; * Collection of Travel tax * Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) * ( Philippine...

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Why Should People Travel

Why should people travel? This is the story of a woman, who travelled the world to find that the best place is home. However, the journeys took her across continents over oceans. This story began when a little girl was sitting on her porch watching the pedestrians fleeting by. When suddenly a huge noise jolted her out of her day dreaming, and all she saw was a metal bird flying overheard. The noise made her shudder and she ran into the house screaming for her Dad. Running into his arms, with no...

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TUI travels

The European Tours - TUI Travels Plc TUI Travels Plc is one of the world’s leading leisure travel companies with over 250 of the best loved and market leading travel brands in 180 countries and more than 30 million customers. Question 1 - Value Chain Value chain analysis is the process in which a firm identifies its primary as well as secondary activities that add value to the final products or service. Primary activities. Inbound logistics – TUI Travels Plc has a global supply chain which...

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Travel by Air Report

Travel by air Abstract : The aim of this report was give how to make a trip for a holiday. Based on the short-clips, the discussion focuses on the process of a trips, such as reservation for flight and hotel, cheking or sercurity procedures at the airport,… All of them is very necessary for a beginner who travel independently at the first time. In addition, this report also will give some new ways to make a trip more quickly these days. Introduction : Air travel has become ever more popular...

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Domestic vs International Travel

Vacations are a memorable experience to look forward to when visiting a new place. For most families, a vacation is an American tradition; however, people should plan accordingly when thinking about conveniences. Domestic travel offers advantages in cost, language, and special medical care that are usually inconvenient when traveling internationally. Flying to popular locations such as New York for two weeks will cost from $400-$600 per person. The mother tongue of America is English, so...

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Travel Market - Segmentation

1. The Travel Market can be segmented into 3 segments: Luxury travellers, Adventurers and Budget travellers. These segments are identified by demographics like age and income, psychological factors like personality, and benefits sought like needs and product features. Luxury travellers are usually older or middle-aged consumers who are already financially prosperous and look for relaxation and rejuvenation from their stressful positions. They can also be retirees. Luxury travellers will be willing...

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why to travel alone

You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life DEC. 27, 2013 By Yara Coelho Yara exchanged the comforts of home 16 years ago for a life on the road. She has been traveling the world mixing a … Shutterstock 1. You will meet amazing people. While traveling with friends or a significant other can be a lot of fun, traveling solo for a certain amount of time can prove to be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do because of the great people you’ll meet. When we travel with friends...

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Speech to Persuade for Travel

all of you said that you planned to travel someday. So, why not do it sooner than later? One of the reasons for not traveling that many of you put is not having time because of school or work. Also, one of your major concerns is budgeting. Between budgets and busy schedules, it is not always easy to set aside time and plan a getaway. PROPOSITON Getting away, even for a short period, can do wonders for your well being, so you really cannot afford to not travel. BODY (TRANSITION: First, I will...

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FOUNDATION DEGREE IN TRAVEL & TOURISM MODULE: FTH 104 TRAVEL ,TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY ENVIRONMENT ESSAY 1.Introduction The tourism, travel and hospitality industry is a complicated subject. The situation and the related information will be improved and changed through various issues and diversification of the worlds. Why people wan to go to travel? What motivated people have a trip? Where people want to spend time to visit? What kind of tour routes more popular? What the services and facilities...

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Does Travel Really Boarden the Mind?

had been there before, can you tell me what is there look like? I think most people have alomost forgot already. Through thousands of miles, and you remembered nothing. So, it’s true that travel doesn’t broaden the mind. “Most people can’t adapt the environment so quickly when you go to a new place”(Does travel really broaden our mind?, no date). The time of traveling usually not very long, about 3 days to 7 days. And the environment there is not always good. Sometimes the weather can be very hot...

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Travelling: Travel and Long Distance Train

| |to get a light refreshment | |to be off | | |hand luggage | |to travel light | | |to hurry | |to see smb off | | |passenger ...

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Travels Abroad with Goethe's Italian Journey

Travels Abroad with Goethe's Italian Journey Foreign travel, I think, is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life. You never really get a chance in life to explore who you really are and what you believe until you're able to leave your daily life and spend time in a place where everything's drastically different. Of course, not all travel is mind opening and horizon broadening. Some people just go abroad in a tourist frame of mind. The only thing they want to do when...

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travel operation

Impact of the internet to tour operators and travel agents Introduction The growth in the ICT sector hardly goes unnoticed since it affects every other industry, tourism included. The effects of internet in tourism have revolutionized tourism by encouraging people to travel from one place to another. The internet has increased the access of information and greatly improved communication in the world. The internet has affected tourism both positively and negatively. With the advance in technology...

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Travel Agency

expansion of Travel Agencies. Travel Agency is one of the service intensive industries and indispensible among the tourism business. But what is the specific role of travel agency in the hospitality industry and how does it affect the whole industry. Travel Agency is defined as a retail business selling travel-related products and services to customers on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, sight-seeing tours and package holidays. When we say Travel Agency they...

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In what ways do the travel habits of men and women differ? What at the implications for travel industry?

ways do the travel habits of men and women differ? What at the implications for travel industry? Author: KUANLIN CHI Module code: PSE5023B-3b Course: 3b skills for study 2 Date: 04/07/2014 Contents Summary1 Introduction1 Different ways that the travel habits of men and women 1 Conclusion4 Reference 5 Summary The report focuses on the topic of that different travel habits between male and female. The article considers that the travel industry is implicated by different travel habits....

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Travel and Tourism

technology has brought to the travel environment and retail operational practices. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the technology. The assignment will contain the information and examples of impacts as well as explanation how the impacts developed the retail environment. The technology has big impacts on the travel agencies. There are many positives and negatives that the technology has brought to the whole industry. The impact of technologies on travel agencies is so profound, that...

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Traditional Travel Agents vs Online Travel Agents

Introduction The conditions of the global travel agency industry have significantly changed over recent years, mainly because of the development of the new technologies, electronic commerce and the major changes in tourism consumer behaviour. Increasingly, people are booking their travel over the Internet, directly from the suppliers or on electronic retailer’s websites affecting traditional travel agencies on the high street. Further, the market starts to show signs of overload because of...

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Travel and Tourism

Unit 1- Task 3 Interrelationships in Travel and Tourism Individual businesses must work in partnership with other organisations in order to be successful. Tourism is a very competitive and complex sector and many companies develop links with other businesses as a way of maximising profits. If for example Thomas cook didn’t work with other hotels, insurance companies, company picks up on arrival, Thomas cook wouldn’t make any profits, as customers wouldn’t want to book a holiday with a company who...

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Travel Agency

3.1 Describe the different types of business that operate within the tourism industry Travel agencies can be categorized briefly into three different types, they are include: 1. In bound Tour Operators 2. Outbound Tour Operators 3. Corporate Travel Service Agencies 4. Land operators – Cooperation among travel agencies. For inbound tour operators, the customers are mainly tourists and visitors from foreign countries such as USA, England and Japan. About the tour operations...

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Festivity - Travel at All Times

2/19/13 festivity - Travel At All Times Travel At All Times Daslee.Org Home Privacy Policy Contacting Us Disclosure Policy Search Recent Posts Travel Safety Tips – Safety First While Traveling Travel Safety Tip 1 – Will Not Turned Into A Target : Personalized Safety Methods When You Are Traveling Abroad Travel Safety – 6 Tips That Will Help You Guard Your Self And Nevertheless Enjoy Your Holiday Travel Safety : 5 Tips That Can Really Make A Difference Travel Safety : How to get Any Courageous...

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Travel and Tourism Sector P1

tourists are people who are from the UK who go to other countries. For example Mr and Mrs Jones took their three kids for a family holiday to Disney land Paris for one week. Accommodation The accommodation industry is an important component of UK travel and tourism. It includes all types of accommodation that people use for leisure or business tourism and visiting friends and relatives, such as hotels, self-catering, guest houses, chalets, villas and cottages. The accommodation industry in the UK...

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Assignment business travel operations

 BTEC National Extended Diploma: TRAVEL & TOURISM UNIT 10: Business travel operations Tutor: Owen Pugsley IV: Student Name: __________________ Overall Grade: Student Declaration: This is to certify that this is my own work and that all quotes are referenced and noted in the bibliography. Signed: ____________________ Date:__________ Internal Verification Signature Date IV Assignment IV Grading CONTENTS & SUMMARY OF ACHIEVEMENTS (Please circle grade achieved) Task Hand...

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How Malaysians can travel to Europe for 10 days with only RM5,800

How Malaysians can travel to Europe for 10 days with only RM5,800 First of all, we Malaysians should know that there are about 50 countries located in Europe itself. And out of those 50 countries, 26 of the countries are known as Schengen Area.  The good thing about these Schengen Area is that we Malaysians are allowed to enter any of the 26 countries without visa and passport inspections. In other words, its similar like you travelling to other states in Malaysia. Schengen Area – List of Countries...

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There Are Many Travel Factors That Tourists Take Into Consideration When Choosing A Long Haul Destina

P3 – In this task I’m going to explain how factors affect travel to long-haul destination. Time zones and length of flight There are many travel factors that tourists take into consideration when choosing a long haul destination. The term used for this world standard time is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This term evolved in 1884 and from that time each area of the world took on a time that was either behind or ahead. For example, Africa is two hours ahead of GMT, so we refer to the time as GMT+2....

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Travel and Tourism Trends and Factors

their holidays this way. 1In November 2012, Thomas Cook, which has 1,300 travel agent shops, was forced to turn to its banks for increased loans as it looked like it might not struggle to survive. The impact this has had is the fact that there isn’t near as much demand for in branch travel agencies as everything is done virtually through the principals. However in doing this it has caused a reduction in cost for the travel agencies as they too have moved online. 2 3With approximately 50 per...

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Time Travel

at the same time know very little. One conclusion, however, is pretty straight forward. Time travel – at least the kind that would be of any use to us – is just not possible. Firstly we will focus on a few ideas and questions about time travel. One major question asked by people is: if time travel exists where are all the time travelers? This does seem to be an exceptional question. If time travel does exist then wouldn't we see time travelers popping up here and there in different time periods...

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Porter 5 Force on Travel Industry

Porter’s Five Forces: Travel Agency :  Industry Rivalry : Highly Fragmented Industry with Intense Rivalry Highly Fragmented Industry. Organized players would barely have 15-20% of the marketplace Most of organized players are present in metros & mini-metros Large disposable incomes in towns like Lucknow, Jaipur, Coimbatore etc. serviced by family run unorganized players Industry rivalry is intense but not cutthroat Rivalry Intense because of low switching costs, low levels of product differentiation...

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Travel Agent Speech

either, she has no idea where he is. Calling expedia did not help either, after she spend 1 hour on hold, they were unable to help her because the privacy act they can’t give out information about their clients. If Bob had booked his flight with a travel agent, his wife would be informed after only 10 seconds of panic that her husband was in Boston and was heading to New York the next day. Bob and Linda are my friends from San Francisco and it took her 5 hours to talk to her husband, because he was...

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Wing on Travel Management Project

Introduction Wing On Travel was founded in 1964, the company has accumulated nearly 48 years of extensive operating experience. Wing On Travel, with its immigration group reported the number of tours, the number of its offices and branches, as well as quality of management, tour route network and a wide range of business and many other areas of outstanding performance, a leading travel agency in Hong Kong tourism industry. Wing On Travel Hong Kong one of the major travel agencies in Hong Kong, Macau...

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Pros & Cons of Business Travel

Business/Corporate Travel Definition & Why: A corporate travel agent provides travel advice, research, and booking services to business clients. Corporate travel agents assist corporate executives and employees in making business travel plans in accordance with corporate policies regarding travel, as well as ensuring that business travel is completed in a way that respects employee and business scheduling while also reducing costs. The corporate travel agent may work in house for a company or may...

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Home-Based Travel Agency

putting up a Travel Agency business. The name of the establishment will be World Connects Tourism Agency. The agency will cater to the travel requirements of individuals who would want to travel either domestic or regional on weekends through the use of networking sites. They will also focus on the young age bracket ranging from 15 to 24 years old; likewise, 75% of the total number of local and foreign travelers comprises of families. This is on the assumption on their willingness to travel and their...

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Travel Helps in Education

"Travel makes a man perfect" "Travel in the younger sort, is a part of education in the eider, a pan: of experience. ''----Bacon, Traveling has become an inseparable part of modern living. We travel for business, for sight-seeing and for necessity. We go to Darjeeling to see a relative or to look at the mighty Himalayas; We go to Puri to enjoy a sea-bath, to see the sun sinking in and emerging out of the sea. We go to Kashmir to enjoy the lovely sight of the valley of gods and to have a glimpse...

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Time Travel

Time Travel Mark Jacob de Paz Course: Comm 2 Instructor: Mrs. Noemi Agner Date: March 14, 2011 2 Time Travel Thesis Statement Time travel is possible. Outline: Time travel A. Definition of time travel B. Origins of the concept Theories about time travel A. Time travel forwards 1. Time dilation 2. Time perception B. Time travel backwards 1. Using wormholes 2. Special spacetime geometries Philosophical understandings A. Grandfather paradox B. Novikov self-consistency...

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Practices Observed of Travel Agencies

“Practices Observed of Travel Agencies providing superior assistance to local and foreign clients in Competence, and Compliance Levels” Palon, Wildence Enzo Asis Edora, Czarina Mae Atienza Endaya, Mery Cris Gersalia Zabarte, Blain Alexis Bernardo HRM 123 I. INTRODUCTION The study aims to determine whether a significant difference and relationship exist among the practices observe in providing superior assistance to foreign clients, the competence level in proposing excellent tourist attractions...

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Travel Agency Business Plan

TRAVEL AGENCY BUSINESS PLAN ROMANIAN EXPERIENCE 1. The Business Romanian Experience will begin operations this year and provide travel packages with upscale accommodations, gourmet food, and quality service providers to the clients. Romanian Experience includes hard-adventure travel packages and soft-adventure travel packages. An opportunity for Romanian Experience's success exists because the travel industry is growing and the national tourism is very well promoted lately. Romanian Experience's...

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Incentive Travel


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Time Travel

For many years time travel was the stuff of science fiction. This was all just part of the world's imagination until recently. Scientists now believe that the current laws of physics allow us to travel though time. They believe that we can now travel back to see our founding fathers sign the declaration of independence. We could travel to 2999 to witness the birth of the next new millennium. Such travel would require a machine capable of withstanding great pressures and incredible amounts of speed...

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Travelling: Travel and Public Transport

depend on the distance we are going to travel. There is also a difference between public transport in a town and between towns. People who take any type of transport to their work or school are called commuters. The second part in transport is private and it means for instance a car, a bike or a motorcycle. I live in Sokolov so I go to school on foot but next school year as I will start to attend some University I'll become a commuter. In case we decided to travel, we have to know the destination....

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Travel Insurance Guide in India

If you are thinking of heading off for a vacation, business or studies abroad and are confused whether to buy travel insurance or not, you have reached the right page.What is travel insurance and is it really a necessity while travelling abroad? What are the necessary terms and conditions and what are the benefits and exclusions? Read on to find out all you ever wanted to know. Travel insurance covers you against unforeseen events which can occur when travelling abroad. It could be as small and...

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p5 travel and tourism. trends and factors

Callem Moore This is to show how trends and factors currently effect the travel and tourism sector. Trends This trend is only due to the poor exchange rates, in 2009 the pound (GBP) was very weak against the Euro; the exchange rate was at 1.1 Euros to £1 and this was significant compared to the rates before at 1.5/1.4 to £1, this hindered peoples spending on attractions, eating establishments, hire cars, transport and hotels, these low exchange rates were affecting behaviour of tourists...

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Sta Travel Case

STA Travel, the largest student travel agency in the world, needs to evaluate whether or not the company should establish a presence in Second Life, a growing role-playing game that many companies began to invest in around the world. STA Travel has the choice to develop a virtual marketing presence on the computer simulated virtual world of Second Life. The website would include information about destinations and help to promote events related to the real-world destinations that users will eventually...

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Relationships Between Travel and Tourism Organisations

Examples of organisations working together Tour operators & Travel agents These two sectors are connected because a travel agency sells holidays for a tour operator who will put together the whole package .e.g. Lunn poly which is a worldwide travel agency sells holidays for Kuoni which is a tour operator that specializes in luxury holidays. Attractions & Transport operators These two sectors are connected because when travelling to Buckingham Palace there are bus routes and tube routes...

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Travel Brochure

Travel Brochure Suppose you had a travel company that could take people back in time. Your time machine can take tourists back millions, and even billions of years. You will be developing a travel brochure to entice vacationers to come to your geologic time period or Era, and “enjoy” what the earth of that time has to offer. Things to keep in mind when working on this project: 1. Your travel brochure will need to include written descriptions as well as illustrations of the period/era. ...

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Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver’s Travels is a satire of England’s government in the early 1700s. Gulliver’s Travels was written by Jonathan Swift. During the late 1600s to early 1700s Swift took part in politics. Swift was not treated well by most politicians. Noticing all of the corruption and abuse of power around him, Swift decided to write a book based on the corruption of England’s government. The abuse of power becomes a recurring theme throughout Gulliver’s Travels. Part I of Gulliver’s Travels reveals the...

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Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels INTRODUCTION Gulliver's Travels (1726, amended 1735), officially Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, is a novel by Irish writer and clergyman Jonathan Swift .This novel is considered both a satire on human nature and a parody of the “fictional travelogues’ tales" literary sub-genre. It is Swift's best known full-length work, and a classic of English literature. The book became tremendously popular as soon as it was published...

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Effects of Internet Travel Booking Sites on Travel Agencies

Running Head: Effects of Internet Travel Booking Sites on Travel Agencies Effects of Internet Travel Booking Sites on Travel Agencies Jessica Bietz University of North Dakota Effects of Internet Travel Booking Sites on Travel Agencies General Introduction Since the birth of the Internet, many people have been using its resources to accommodate their travel needs. Traditionally, people use a travel agent to book their travel plans, but with the convenience...

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From millennium-skipping Victorians to phone booth-hopping teenagers, the termtime travel often summons our most fantastic visions of what it means to move through the fourth dimension. But of course you don't need a time machine or a fancy wormhole to jaunt through the years. As you've probably noticed, we're all constantly engaged in the act of time travel. At its most basic level, time is the rate of change in the universe -- and like it or not, we are constantly undergoing change. We age...

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Travel Agency Management

Could the tide be changing? Travel agencies play an important role within the UK travel and tourism industry. They are the retail arm of the industry, selling a wide range of holiday products and travel services to the public. Yet travel industry analysts have been predicting the death of the high street travel agent due to the ever-changing nature of distribution channels. Travel agents are the key intermediaries in the distribution chain whose main role is selling air, rail...

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Time Travel

Frederick Time travel is one of the most interesting topic in science fiction. Time travel is usually depicted in movies such as "Back to the Future," "Time Machine," or Star Trek, you will see people hopping in strange machines or using a device that will take them back and forth through time. At one point almost every kid's dream or science fiction fanatic's vast imagination consist of some sort of time traveling to change their past or to go to the future. Time travel can fulfill our dreams...

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Future of Travel Agencies

after the Web? This essay is to discuss what the future is for travel agents in today’s world, when internet services are so popular and easily accessible. It will give a brief view on the travel retail industry and developments within the traditional channels of distribution. This essay will also include the present issues that have had an influence on the industry. Travel retail industry plays very important role in tourism. Travel agents are like a “communication bridge” between the suppliers...

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Retail Travel Operations

have a loyal customer base in their local area. Also they are independently owned. They are usually found in the back streets rather than on the high street or in shopping centres. An example of an independent agent is fails worth travel. The role of an independent travel agent is to sell holidays; they give advice on destinations and provide excellent customer service to their customers in hope of building up repeat customers. Independent agents offer a range of products and services such as tailor...

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