Relationships Between the Human Resources Department Manager and His Own Staff

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The Human Resources Department manager exercises line function over the workers within his department, like the other line managers. He has direct control and supervisory powers over them as depicted in Figure 5.1. He leads and motivates them in the same way that his co-line managers lead and motivate their own subordinates.

The functions of the Human Resources Department can be categorized according to its five functions.

1. Job Organization and Information
1.1Prepares job descriptions and job specifications as part of job analysis 1.2Develops and administers job evaluation programs for the entire company 1.3Assists and coordinates with the Production/Operations Department in the preparation of job design 1.4Keeps an organized and functional file of these job descriptions, specifications, job design and evaluation, and 1.5Advises top management and other line managers on their use.

2. Acquisition of Human Resources
2.1Conducts human resources planning for the entire company 2.2Recruits human resources needed and requisitioned by the other departments and its own 2.3Screens applicants for work
2.4Selects the best work applicants
2.5Recommends its choice/s to the line department and to top management 2.6Places the selected applicant in the right place in coordination with the requisitioning department 2.7Develops sound recruitment, screening, selection and placement policies and procedures in coordination with the other departments 2.8Maintains a complete record system of all human resources of the entire organization, and 2.9Maintains adequate human resources at all times for the entire organization.

3. Maintenance
3.1Develops a sound compensation program for the entire company 3.2Administers wage, salary and benefit schemes
3.3Formulates, recommends and evaluates policies and practices regarding employee welfare: health, safety, insurance, transportation, housing, children’s benefits, etc. 3.4Acts as signatory for approval of...
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