Human Resource Management Competency Criteria

Topics: Management, Organizational studies and human resource management, Human resource management Pages: 7 (1846 words) Published: March 1, 2013
| A| B| C| D|
Recruitment, Selection and Placement| Proficient in Behavioral interview and assessment, test and interview interpretation, sourcing and selection methodsAble to define job specification and selection criteria| Has thorough knowledge of sourcing and selection processes; recruitment of key technical and managerial people; selection of seasoned and experience candidatesUses more discriminating and differentiating methods of selectionAble to determine and recommend and/or implement recruitment, selection placement plans and selection of employees, as well as its internal and external placement| Able to design organization-wide recruitment, selection and placement system supports the organizational business strategyAble to match and search key executives and design internal flows of people that match business strategy| Provides key strategic advice and/or participates in decision regarding recruitment, selection and placement of key management and technical people| Manpower Planning| Able to define manpower requirement; determine manning level and job specifications, including preparation and consolidation of manpower reports (e.g. budget, forecast, utilization, etc.)| Has thorough knowledge of manpower planning, processes; can facilitate manning review processesAble to determine, recommend and/or implement manpower decisions, plans and programs, employee movements, transfers, and career movementsAble to determine medium-to-long-term manpower projections and plans that support business and goals including career and succession plans and programs| Able to influence decision and action regarding the manpower plans of the businessDemonstrates strategic perspective in defining and implementing manpower and career plans and decisions| Provides key and strategic advice and/or participates in decisions regarding manning development and career movement of key management and technical personnelParticipates in critical business decisions through involvement in HR component of such decisions|

| A| B| C| D|
Training Program Implementation| Has basic presentation capabilityWith working knowledge of core training methods and activities; * Training Needs Analysis * Facilitating standard individual and group exercise and discussions| Proficient in conducting training programs involving use of various floor and presentation and group learning techniques and methods to suit group preference and styleAble to design training and learning programs using standard methods and approaches| Designs, implements and manages integrated development systems and programs, including technical training and faculty development programsHas broad experiences in innovative training techniques, group facilitation and design of development programs and curricula| Defines training policies; influences the adoption and selection of appropriate training programs to address strategic business-level competence and skill requirementsParticipates in decisions regarding expenditures and commitmentsIs a recognized expert and authority in broad aspects of training and developing professional, as well as technical and managerial resources of the businessProficient in cross-cultural and cross-country development methods and issuesProvides business and corporate perspective in developing key managerial and technical resources| Performance Management| Assists managers and supervisors in accomplishing standard performance evaluation instruments; provides guidance in implementing planned development activities| Designs performance evaluation instrumentsDefines elements of performance system that contribute to effective performanceAssists managers in assessing strengths and areas for improvement| Provides guidance...
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