Relationships Between Parents and Children

Topics: Law, Want, Academy Award for Best Actor Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: March 27, 2011
For Law and Order I have finally reached old age and have seen others go before me. But, are these my golden years, my retirement years? No! I have paid my dues, but do I have peace and quiet that goes with old age? Not at all! I asked for help with my grandson before he was 16 years old. He needed counseling then and he still needs counseling. I visited the school psychologist here in Lindenhurst. Her answer to me was: ''It's your fault, he should have his own room, to think, to be alone if he wants.'' My grandson took a baseball bat to my living room furniture and broke many good pieces. Every wall in this three-room room apartment has holes, either big holes or holes from Chinese stars. I went to Family Court in Hauppauge for help. ''Your honor, I just want two or three months. I can't deal with cancer and this child, too.'' He told me it was my problem. ''Your honor, this child needs counseling.'' My problem again. His law guardian at this time informed my grandson that he had all the rights. He didn't have to go to school, work or have counseling. He didn't have to do anything he didn't want to do because he would be taken care of until 21 years old. It was my duty to supply food, clothing, shelter, pay medical bills. No control, but I must pay. I went to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for a complete hysterectomy. When I came home I was alone. I had no one to help me and I was weak. My grandson put another big hole in the wall. I called head of probation for help. He told me to leave my apartment. Here I was holding my abdomen, in a bathrobe and cold winter outside. Where was I to go? This is my apartment. I pay all the bills. He told me to leave the apartment to my grandson and when my grandson could not pay the rent, the landlord would put him out. I asked, ''What about all my possessions that I worked for all my life?'' He told me, ''Leave!'' It is almost two years later and I still hurt in my abdomen from when I screamed that day at my grandson for...
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