Relationship with Writing.

Topics: High school, Writing, Essay Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: November 2, 2010
My Relationship With Writing
Like most people, writing has made an impact on my life. I didn’t notice it right away, but once I did it changed my life forever. I consider myself to be a fairly decent writer and I would say it was the only thing that kept me going. I love writing that involves thinking and real emotion. Writing journals and letters have helped me get through a lot in my life and that is really something I will never forget.

For the most part, I like to write. I surprise myself sometimes when I read what I have written. Essays don’t seem to be that hard for me and most of the time comes naturally to write. Ever since I was younger, reading and writing were always my strong points in school. Math and science didn’t stand a chance in my book. In first grade, I learned how to read and write. I just remember feeling so amazed that this is the way we communicate.

I believe that I got my writing skills and passion from my mom. Growing up, my mom worked at a job that needed her to write professional letters and keep journals on the activities occurring in her work place. I remember at one point, figures above her in the ladder of work were asking her to write letters for them. My mom, only having a high school education, inspired me to really look at writing as not just a task but a hobby. When I asked her to read my essays to see if it was any good, she would be honest and really took the time to help me fix it. This very well might be the reason I enjoy writing. The only time I had ever doubted that writing was necessary was high school. My senior year was harsh with essays and writings. I lost track for some time the impact writing had had on my life because so much was being ask out of me and it wasn’t enjoyable anymore. You could say I broke up with writing for a while. Shortly after high school, our relationship was restitched and now we are going strong.

My sophomore year in high school is when I came to the realization that I did in fact...
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