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Topics: Psychology, Death, Old age Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Running head: Counselor Awareness: Working with the Aging

Counselor Awareness: Working with the Aging
Dawnea Rodgers-Smith
Grand Canyon University (PCN:530
December 5, 2012

This paper takes a look at three things. First how stereotypes about the elderly are pervelant in society, second, it discusses the physical and cognitive issues in aging. and finally it discusses the mental health treatment that are available for older adults.

Counseling Awareness

Considering this student has not had the opportunity to spend adulthood with her grandparents or great-grandparents, she does not have the experience of spending time with the older generation. She has never met her great-grandparents and both her maternal and paternal grandparents died before she was 20. Her mother died a few months after turning 60 but this student doesn’t consider that as being elderly. With that being said, this student can only relate to older adults from a distant-relationship point of view. This simple means her relationship with the older adult population is a world perspective view. A few myths about aging that this student found interesting in an article titled, Myths of Aging, which was found in Psychology today. The following are few of the myths that were taken from the article: 1.The basic needs of aging people differ from that of the younger generations. According the article, basic human needs are continually the same unless there is a health related need that requires special care. 2.A lot of people believe that most elderly are senile.

The reality is about 80% of the elderly are able to care for themselves without assistance. 3.Elderly people are not interested in new technologies like computers or the internet. About 41% of adults over the age of 65 are still using computers/internet. 4.Elderly people are incapable of learning new things.

Elderly people are still capable of learning new things and retain...

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