Rehabilitation Paper

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Rehabilitation Paper
Sherry Caro
July 28, 2013
Jerry Shoat
Rehabilitation Paper
Rehabilitation is a word that is used often within the corrections, in the prison setting. It is an attempt to change an individual’s attitude and behavior. There are programs that are to prevent habitual offenders, help a criminal get to their normal state of mind and not to be punishing for their action that may cause the criminal to change and become an outstanding citizen that follows the rules instead of the individual getting out and committing another crime.

Throughout the years there has been many processes created to form rehabilitation process of criminal justice. The process has helped many offenders by allowing him/her to return within their community as a changed individual. Rehabilitation is a specific program that is applied within a prison setting to bring the end of a criminal’s behavior called desistance, the meaning to cease and stop. An inmate getting into the right program would keep them long enough in order to complete the program successfully, once the program has been completed then the inmate can be put in the community so that their behavior would be tested as a non-criminal behavior.

There are some facilities that offer rehab, religion, and anger management (Foster, 2006). In the twentieths century it was believed that prison official were not able to give a defined and clear method of rehabilitation (Foster, 2006). Scientific penology was a major role in defining and conducting structured thoughts and scientific studies that is utilized through rehabilitation (Foster, 2006). The program has an effect on prisoners, the prisons and society in various ways. Inmates have these types of programs available as it gives the individual something constructive to do with his/her time. The type of rehabilitation programs can have a positive impact on inmate’s life, if rehabilitation is completed while incarcerated all means his/her...

References: Foster, B. (2006). Corrections: The fundamentals. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.
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