Reflective Evaluation on Peer Coaching Session

Topics: Coaching, Learning, Personal development Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: December 30, 2010
Coaching ‘is a way of supporting children’s learning of any life skills’, and a process you will go through to improve individual performance and in addition encourage personal and professional development. Working in groups of three enabled each individual the opportunity to observe, reflect and evaluate the different roles in the coaching and mentoring session. The three positions of role play carried out in the lecture consisted of the learner, observer and the coacher.

The role of the observer primarily enabled me to observe the coach’s responses and identified missing points and highlighted effective approaches to the situation. It also allowed me to use active listening skills, and time to reflect on the questions I would ask in the role of the coacher. The observation process highlighted the importance of the flow questions and overall evaluated the role of the coacher in the exercise. This enabled and encouraged learner’s responsibility for personal and professional development. To repeat this task again in a similar situation I would focus on observing how the coacher guided the learner to their own solution, and reflect on the guiding skills used to encourage the learner to arrive at their own solution. The observation process provided me with examples of how it could be used in a professional situation. As a teacher I would use these coaching and mentoring skills to enable and encourage personal development and allow the learner to relate to others.

Although, I am not familiar with the role of the learner this experience identified my own weakness in my personal performance. Reflecting on myself and my own work, this is an area I feel needs improvement however, I identified these tasks to be essential for me to reflect and improve my personal development. Initially in this role I felt I may have had a negative viewpoint, and that I would not benefit from the task however, this was not the case and I gained some useful and effective advice from...
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