1.1 Explain How a Learning Support Practitioner May Contribute to the Planning, Delivery and Review of Learning Activities

Topics: Knowledge, Management, Education Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: August 31, 2013
A learning support practitioner will contribute to the planning of an activity by firstly gaining a clear understanding of what the learning objective is and what the teacher wants the child to achieve from the activity. The practitioner will then find out the ability of the students they are working with and if they require any extra or specialist help, this then helps the practitioner provide the correct materials and equipment they need for the activity. A learning support practitioner would also contribute to planning as they will identify if students they are working with are likely to finish early and so can arrange with the teacher any additional sheets these children may need. An important part of planning would be for the practitioner to be aware of how much time they have to do the activity and can plan the activity to suit. A learning support practitioner will also be required to provide the teacher with feedback of the activity and the child’s performance so it practitioners should arrange with the teacher beforehand how they should be providing the feedback. During the delivery of an activity practitioners should be setting clear expectation and instructions. They may recognise that children are struggling or not understanding what they are asking them to do; if this is the case practitioners should modify their delivery or the activity itself in order for every child to take part. During the activity practitioners should be monitoring and observing in order to provide the teacher with efficient feedback. A Learning support practitioner will also contribute towards the delivery of a learning activity by providing the children taking part with encouragement and praise to ensure children are motivated and to build up their confidence. A learning support practitioner will contribute to the reviewing of an activity by providing the teacher with constructive feedback on how the children performed, how efficient the activity was, if the children...
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