Teaching Assistant Level 3

Topics: Bullying, Observation, The Child Pages: 14 (4104 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Question 1: Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.

Answer 1: Firstly, I would look through the planning for the lesson and then ask the Teacher what the learning objective is. I would obtain all the instruments needed for the lesson and make sure that they were free from sharp points and all in working order. Then once the lesson has finished I can return all the instruments back to their correct places.

I may have been asked to give one to one support to a specific child with an additional need. This would be to ensure that they are able to join in and feel included within the lesson and I could also check the child’s IEP to see if there are any targets that may be linked to the lesson objective, so that I can give feedback to the teacher, I would also look to see which child it is that I am supporting and try to see what their Special Educational Need is if this is not apparent on their IEP or has not been confirmed by a prior observation by a qualified specialist.

I can also communicate effectively with the children I am working with and at their level. I will help them to focus on what is required from them, whether it be to find a beat, follow a pattern or to learn about tempos. I can help the children by reinforcing the instruments names and reinforcing the correct terms of how they are to be played i.e. tap, strike, hit or scrape. If research of any terminology is required for the lesson I might do this prior to enable a good understanding of that area of the curriculum. I must be prepared to modify the task if it is not appropriate to the child or children’s needs. This may also mean that I may have to communicate sensitively with the teacher.

I would also become a second pair of eyes. This would be to ensure that the children are behaving appropriately and doing what they have been asked to do while ensuring that children are not being distracting by each other and also help with behaviour management and any assessments or records that the teacher may be doing during the lesson. This could be formal, informal or even feedback.

I may be asked to create a display showing the instruments that the children have been using in the lesson, but also maybe some pictures that they have created of what they think a musical note or instrument would look like or to take photographic evidence of the children at work during the lesson.


Question 2: What might be your role in organizing, using and maintaining the learning resources, materials and equipment?

Answer 1: Learning materials, resources and equipment could include any of the following:

• Basic classroom items i.e. White boards, overhead projector, audiotapes. • Curriculum specific equipment and materials i.e. PE Equipment, Art, Craft and Design. • General Information Technology resources i.e. Computers, Beebots, Video Camera. • Written materials i.e. Pens, Pencils, Felt tips, Crayons, Chalks, Pastels, books, handouts.

So I would consult the teacher on how they like their classroom to be organised first. I would then prepare and maintain the work environment to those specifications. If working in the creative area, and any aprons or painting cloths were required, I would make sure that these are cleaned regularly after each session to ensure that they are in good order and ready for the next lesson. I would make sure that the tables and equipment used are cleared away after being used and returned to their correct places however I may be able to set the area out again ready for the next day if clearing away at the end of the day. I would also ensure that general resources i.e. paint; collage materials, paper, pens, pencils and crayons are regularly replenished, sharpened and ready to be used. And if any stocks were becoming low in the main stock room, I must inform the relevant person as soon as possible. I may be asked to...
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