TDA 2.10

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TDA 2.10 – Support learning activities

1.1 – As a learning support practitioner working with children I often see how a child may need support in activities or if they are exceeding expectation. By taking notes I am able to inform the teacher of the child’s needs and therefore help plan what help they may need to help them progress or develop further, they can then deliver this the next time. By continually doing this I can review the planning accordingly. It is important to keep evaluating learning activities as the child’s needs may change or your planning may not work and may need changing. Planning, teaching and evaluation is a cycle which gives structure to the learning process. Whilst in the planning process I need to know the learning objectives so that you are clear about that the pupils are expected to achieve. When evaluating you will need to look at whether the children were able to meet the leaning objectives in their task. If a child was to complete a task quickly this should be recorded.

1.2 -
Weakness -

1.3– When planning a work activity I always take into account the children’s learning needs and levels, for example you could have a child in your group which lacks concentration and needs a more practical approach in order to show interest and for the task to be successful. For example: Child A – Lacks concentration

Child B – Does not enjoy Literacy
Child C – Find tasks difficult

1.4 – All lesson plans should be made available to the LSA’s before the class starts, even if you do not have time to look at the plan you should discuss with the teacher what you are to do. Learning objectives – You must always be clear on the learning objectives of the lesson or what pupils are expected to be able to do. Leaning recourses required – The lesson plan should detail any materials which are different from those which are normally found in the classroom. Own role in supporting learning activities – It should be made clear what you are required to do whether it’s supporting a group or an individual. Specific information – you should have access to school reports about pupils learning and be able to refer to them if required whether its paper or electronic based. Sometimes changes need to be made to plan and this may happen last minute so you will need to be flexible. Any changes made to the children’s routine may affect their behaviour so you need to take this into consideration.


We should always be made aware of the health and safety issues especially when working with children; it is the main duty of all school employees to keep the children safe. Young children or children with additional needs may not be aware of certain hazards. Schools also have security measures in place such as gates and a signing in policy for all visitors. If you ever come across a unfamiliar face within the school grounds you should always approach them in a polite manor by saying. ‘Can I help you?’ All storage areas should be kept tidy so they do not cause a hazard they should also be locked, spaces like cleaning cupboard especially as they store a lot of hazardous materials and can sometimes be left untidy as staff may not have enough time to tidy up or may not be sure where certain items should be. You must always make sure that no fire exits in the classrooms are blocked by chairs / tables, they should always be accessible.

3.4 - Describe the sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities, and how to deal with these: Noise - Sometimes during classes children can become distracted by noise from within the classroom and from outside (such as another classroom, or people on the hallway). I help to combat this problem by closing the doors and any windows open to the noise, and also by reminding children to work as quietly as possible and raise their hand to speak rather than shout out. Insufficient resources - Many of the activities set by the teacher...
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