Reflective Essay: The Three Characteristics Of Leadership

Topics: God, Jesus, Leadership Pages: 3 (554 words) Published: May 23, 2016

The three characteristics of leadership that I consider most valuable are (1) integrity, (2) humility, and (3) generosity. #1 integrity is defined as great sincerity, honesty, and virtue. Strength of character. All of these words describe great qualities that should be possessed or obtained in the individual or individuals considered to fill a leadership role with exceptional expectations! Great sincerity means that a person possesses honest, faithful, and genuine traits. Virtue is defined as moral excellence, morality, goodness, effectiveness of quality, purity and chastity, and innocence. #2 Humility, refers to being the condition or quality of being humble. #3 Generosity, to share or give without hesitation, unselfish, not mean or narrow-minded; forgiving!
Most of these extraordinarily superb, superior, traits are only awarded through God’s Greatness! The individual will possess these circumstances through birth and throughout adulthood. These traits will illuminate the person’s pathway to an exceptional life, and will always be noticed, recognized and favored! All these explanatory statements possessed by a leader will only ascertain greatness, excellent quality, high...

These attributes ascertain, that success in the most prominent way, only in the end, is very much so a guarantee, to positively succeed in the highest manner possible! Greatness, superior, superlative, and superbly are mere words that should premier the illustrious results accomplished! Actions and results should be recognized without verbal statements! The observations should show that vigor was the main accomplishment to be carried out and successfully completed, in an honorable and extremely high achieving manner! These descriptions are just some of the notable possibilities of success, with hard work exerted through someone’s tutelage and tenacious...
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