Leadership Reflective Essay

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Through the course, I learned about leadership different styles and how they emerged and developed from the Trait Theories that focus on the leader characteristics to the Goal Orientations Theories that require collaborative methods between leaders and followers. As I mentioned before, I had always linked the leadership weight to the leader leading characteristics. However, I would argue now that leadership is gained through practice and experience and it is powered through followers. As a school leader, I will use a mixture of leadership theories. First, I will build my school on an ethical basement and then, I will structure a vision that is shared between everyone in the school. At this point of my study, I believe that the type of leadership...

Working with others to achieve same goals is a challenging process. As an individual within a group of people, you need to make sure that you are using the best of them and avoiding their weaknesses. If I did not use good leadership skills, I would probably gain the negatives from the group work. In order to do so, I had to reflect on the leadership models I have learnt in the leadership course. At the beginning, I was really puzzled and not sure which model is the most effective to manage the group, reach the best of it, achieve my goal and not to struggle with my group. However, I came up to the hypothesis that the most suitable approaches for the group work are the situational leadership, to analyse the group motivation, then the collaborative leadership and the distributed leadership. According to Hershey and Blanchard (1970); the developers of the situational leadership theory, “leaders must consider the readiness level of their followers by analysing the group’s ability and willingness. Depending on the level of these variables, leaders must apply the most appropriate leadership style to fit the given situation”. The four different types of situational leadership are, Directing, Coaching, Supporting and Delegating.” In line with the situational leadership, I need to consider the type of the group before deciding on the approach to...
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