What It Means to Be a Leader

Topics: Virtue, Positive psychology, Leadership Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: October 30, 2008
“Important Characteristics of a Leader”

A leader is someone who directs or guides others by going before them. It takes a lot of good character traits to be true leader. There are three important characteristics to have when you’re a leader. These characteristics are integrity, credibility and servant hood. Integrity means to have a code of values such as honesty, sincerity and wholeness. Credibility is to be trustworthy and believable. Servant hood is to have humility not to be served but to serve. In this essay I will give you the importance of following these three leadership characteristics.

Integrity is one of the many characteristics of a leader. Integrity is to be honest sincere and to have wholeness. When you’re a leader it’s always best to be honest and sincere with the people you lead. When you’re a leader with integrity the people you work for or with, are more likely to trust you. The people will also believe in what a leader with integrity says. Integrity is an important characteristic when you’re a leader because it’s important to be honest and to have people trust you. To keep a leadership role integrity is very important.

Creditability is the perfect characteristic for a leader to have. Credibility is when you’re trustworthy and believable. When a leader is creditable the people that are lead know that the leader will always pull through. A leader who has credibility doesn’t promise change but makes it happen. A leader with creditability will be called upon to make the biggest and best things happen. Credibility is an important leadership characteristic.

Servant hood is one of the most important characteristics of a leader. Servant hood is to have humility not to be served but to serve. A leader who practices servant hood wants to work for the people. The leader who practices servant hood is humble and stays level headed and grounded. A leader who practices servant hood isn’t in a leadership role for them self but for the...
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