GB580 Unit 6 Assignment

Topics: Personality psychology, Decision making, Leadership Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: August 18, 2014

Personal Leadership/Ethics Statement

Strategic Management

GB580: Unit 6

Professor Stephen Griffith

Kaplan University


Personal Leadership/Ethics Statement

Leadership is a gift that not everyone has or desires to obtain. It is often times an instinctive quality that relies on ones ethics and morals. Leadership is a quality that many aspire to have, but few really grasp its true principles. It is not easily defined or looked at one faceted in regards to definition. However, leadership is encompassing of a multifaceted assortment of characteristics. A notable leader will retain traits like guidance, trustworthiness, fantastic listening skills, confidence, dependability, understanding, and empowering. As leaders or when becoming leaders we should lead from our core beliefs and values. In the business world today we fall witness to several different types of leadership. Each style is generally unique to their industry, profession, or a tailor made approach from an eclectic work experience. Differing ideas shape our thought process and ethics within our decision-making processes. My leadership style is fashioned by my values, cultural competency, life experiences, communication skills, and innovative mindset. My assessment shows that I am an ENTJ personality (Extroverted, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment). The ENTJ personality, better known as the Executive Personality, is definitely one I was more drawn to. The fundamental thought process of the ENTJ personality type is Extraverted Thinking and the ancillary function for ENTJs is Introverted Intuition. In agreement to 16 Personalities, “ENTJ personalities are very charismatic, rational and quick-minded. They are meant to lead and inspire other people and there is no other type that can do this with such ease” (, 2013). The strengths of an ENTJ would normally be their ability to think...

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