Reflective Diary

Topics: Employment, Learning, Recruitment Pages: 4 (1094 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Reflective Diary


Reflective practice can be used for different purposes. Some examples: • Helps identify gaps in skills and knowledge and learning needs • Analyse complex and challenging situations
• Analyse communication and relationships with colleagues • Examine the way we make decisions.
(Bolton, 2001)

This reflection paper is going to discuss my experience of the PDAF course. The discussions are based on my feeling during the lesson and the feedback from group members. Through the discussing, the critical improvement I have got in the module will also be presented. In the end, a short conclusion will also be made for this paper.

What did I learn/achieve in PDAF and my thoughts/feelings about my career journey

In this module, I have learnt various skills not only benefit for my careers but also my social live.

First thing I have learnt is the presentation skill. As an assistant accountant, I have seldom done the presentation in the past years and I did not know how to present properly. But PDAF provided me a good opportunity to speak out in front of people and the feedback help me recognize my strength and weakness (appendix 1/ lesson 2). A good preparation is not enough for a successful presentation, but also need to present naturally, speak loudly and clearly, that could help to transfer presenter’s ideas to the listeners correctly and efficiently.

Secondly, this module also helps me realize the importance of the communication, however, how to make amends for the weakness by exploiting the strengths during the job interview is specially important. As my mother tongue is Chinese and did not speak English frequently before, when I communicate with others in English, especially when talk with the interviewer in the official environment, I was a bit nervous that make me could not speak smoothly and explain my idea clearly. Regarding this issue, my group member suggested me, since the language is my...
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