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Topics: Slavery, Reconstruction era of the United States, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 3 (1366 words) Published: April 24, 2014

The Era
October 12th,1868 Ashley Rivera

The new Black Code laws made by President Johnson.

“Free blacks are only allowed to work as farmers or servants.” Says one of the landowners in the South.

Black Codes
By Ashley Rivera

Slavery is a main problem socially, economically, and politically and has changed the lives of so many people. It caused so many problems so why not just end it completely ? Some things are easier said than done and slavery happened to be one of them. It became a way of life for the South they depend on slaves for their economy, and the North doesn’t feel slavery is right but at the same time they don’t want job competition so all they can do is sympathize. While l Abraham Lincoln is president he abolishes slavery and proposes limited suffrage for African Americans in the South and this causes some people to be shocked. He was assassinated days later by John Wilkes Booth. Then Andrew Johnson becomes president.

During the times of The Reconstruction Era, Freed slaves will face many obstacles and injustices. President Andrew Johnson’s reconstruction policies call for a series of restrictive laws known as “Black Codes” - made to restrict free blacks. The restrictions include things such as activities and it guarantees their availability as a labor force worker since slavery was now abolished; because of former president Abraham Lincoln.

Many states are making it mandatory for blacks to sign a yearly labor contract and if failed to do so they would be arrested and fined or put into practically forced into unpaid labor. When i asked one of the workers what is was like to be free he replied with “ it’s a good feeling knowing i'm legally free but at the same time I’m living the same way I did before, hard labor.” We then asked him about his concerns of the Black Codes, and he doesn’t have much to say about them. Black...
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