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Topics: Academic degree, Medicine, Master's degree Pages: 3 (637 words) Published: October 12, 2014
In today’s healthcare society nursing is a crucial topic that demands a lot of reformation and improvements as the healthcare system in the United States is spinning into a complex system to meet the demands of the patients. The advancement in nursing would mean that all nurses who are hired have the right amount of educational background and also is able to undergo constant training whenever there is new changes in the medical field. This page is designed to explain certain recommendations that the IOM has set forth in regards to the future of nursing. These recommendations from IOM are to increase the number of nurses with a baccalaureate degree for upto 80% by 2020 and also increase the number of nurses with doctorate degree by the year 2020. The foremost recommendation is to ensure that nurses are trained well and also involved in the learning about the new advances in the medical environment.

The completion of the BSN program, I find myself accomplishing one of the three recommendations provided by IOM. The BSN program has enabled me to modify my work tactics and also to adapt to new changes in the medical field. The knowledge acquired from taking classes has helped me apply that into the work environment. There are many similarities and benefits between BSN and Associate degree however the differences are in the details which sets a BSN nurses apart from Associate nurses. The primary difference of a BSN verses an Associate is that the healthcare system makes it mandatory for a BSN nurse to assist in the community apart from the hospital in decision making, educating patients via the resources provided by healthcare. It is noted that due to the increase in knowledge base, BSN nurses would make far lesser errors when it comes to prescribing medications and hence patient satisfaction would increase.

The second recommendation that IOM put forth in terms of increasing the nursing count who has acquired doctorate by 2020. In order to acquire...
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