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The Impact of IOM Report on Nursing Education, Leadership, and Nursing practice Name: Ogunniran Sesan Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V-O104 August 23, 2013

The institute of medicine (IOM) report was written to discover how the future of Nursing as a profession can be improved and also to build a health care system that will be free of impairment, causalities, and also to “meet the demand for harmless, excellent, patient-centered, accessible, and affordable care”. (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2010) This paper will focus on profound changes and the impact of IOM report on Nursing education, leadership, and practice. Nursing Education

Institute of medicine requires nurses to do a lot of continuing education in order to assist them to cope with some of the challenges, and changes in the complex health care system. The IOM’s main concern on nursing education is to increase the percentage of nurses with higher degrees, and also to inspire nurses to continue to improve on their education in order to reduce nursing staff and nurse-educator shortages. Although a lot of people believe that Baccalaureate educated nurses can meet the standard of practice already, from the fact that the knowledge that the BSN nurses acquire during their 4 year education prepares them to perform better within the ever changing health care system. According to the IOM (2010) report nurses are expected to have potentials with advance strategies to improve the health care system. However, the supports to realize such potentials have been found lacking (Garner, 2010) due to a variety of barriers like “regulatory and policy barriers, fragmentation of the health care system, high rates of turnover among nurses, difficulties for nurses transitioning from school to practice and aging workforce and other demographic challenges” (Garner,...
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