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After reading the “Keep a Tight Hold On Your Job” by Ernie O. Cecilia, it taught me some tips that will help me prolong my job in the future. From the basic of keeping myself to be an effective employee to ideas of how to have a good and healthy relationship to your boss and co-workers. During this time, I have opened my mind and personal views up to some ideas that I was not always good at with. As a future employee in the industry, I have to prepare myself in to different task that I shall face. I thought getting a job is the hardest step in having a job because of interviews etc (I personally don’t like to be interrogating or to be question about myself -.-) it surprise me that this is the only the beginning. Keeping the job specially if you really want it is harder than I imagine. Some may get tired of having the same routine all over again, for me doing that same routine is like improving my performance in also it may have a chance to get me promoted. Having a healthy relationship with your co-workers is also need because you need to get along with them or else it will also affects you in doing your job. . When doing your job always remember that be optimistic, loyal, active, respect and be thankful that you got a job. Don’t took it for granted. Not all have given a chance to get their job.
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