Topics: Happiness, Psychology, Education Pages: 4 (681 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Luis Cardenas

Luis Cardenas needs to consider happiness when choosing his career. Because when you

are in a job it is very impotent that you love what you do and be happy, after all you will be

doing this same job for forty years are so. For example the lone officer position Luis would be

very unhappy. When Luis was working as an executive assistant he would come home and say,

“there goes another eight hours of my life down the drain” (pg.209). Luis would be getting up

every day just going through the motions of life just like a zombie. He enjoins his happiness and

adjures anxiety about going to work; it would be a complete waste of his time. If Luis were to

choose a career as a loan officer he wouldn’t be any good to the clients for the reason that his

heart would not be into it. “In both the paralegal and the junior executive positions he hated

being a slave to the routine and doing work that was meaningless to him. (Pg.209)

With that being said Luis wanted to be in a job that he was enjoy the routine of

getting up and using his mind. Being a loan officer is a very unavailing job for Luis he won’t be

able to prevail in this field since it is not where he is destined to be. If Luis were factual to

himself then he would know that he wouldn’t be the best loan officer he could be furthermore he

would be very unhappy and miserable in his career. On the other hand if Luis were to do what he

loves, which is teaching he enjoins be very happy. When he goes into the class room he would

be doing what his heart is leading him to do. “He decided to go into teaching at nine years ago,

between his sophomore and junior years in high school, when he worked in a summer camp

teaching crafts to ten year old minority boys from underprivileged backgrounds. He enjoyed the

experience so much that he decided teaching was for him.” (pg. 209) Luis concurred with the

being a teacher. Teaching is his passion in life. He gets...
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