Red Bull Marketing Strategy

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Red Bull
Mission Statement:
To be the premier marketer and supplier of red bull in Asia,Europe and other parts of the globe. We will achieve this mission by building long-term relationships with the people who can make it become a reality. Marketing Mix

* ProductRed Bull is a sweet, caffeinated drink aimed to give consumers the high energy kick. * Available only in rather expensive 250ml cans, 350ml bottles, with 4 packs and only two‘flavours’ (original or sugar-free). * It contains caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, and Bvitamins. Distribution Strategy/Place:

* Super market
* Gyms
* Coffee Houses: Subway, Barista, Costa Coffe, Café Coffee Day * Pizza outlet

Needs, Wants and Demands Satisfied by Red Bull

There are three basic human needs that Red Bull satisfies i.e. * Physical
* Social
* individual needs

Example of Physical Need

Firstly, a physical need is when tired drivers are feeling the need to fall asleep due to fatigue; and this can compromise their safety. A driver needs to stay awake and alert when driving to avert danger and this need is satisfied by Red Bull. In fact it has become a ‘hot item amongst tired drivers stopping at gas stations.’

Example of Social Needs

A social need for example is where ‘humans have a social need for belonging’ and this need is satisfied by belonging to a group. A group could be people with the same interests e.g. extreme sports. Red Bull associates itself with energy, danger and youth culture, and markets its product through its sponsorship of youth culture and extreme sports events. Consumers who drink Red Bull are ‘automatically’ introduced to the Red Bull culture, and their social need is then satisfied. Example of Individual Need:

An individual may have a need for concentration or self-expression and this could be inhibited by fatigue or weariness. Red Bull realised that it could satisfy this need by ‘energizing and stimulating the mind’). For...
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