Red Bull- Consumer Behavior

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While working on this report, we tried to figure out the best way to go about completing a consumer analysis for Redbull. Initially, we were confused as to what to tackle first: the marketing strategy or the consumer profile? We figured that both the marketing and the communication strategy of Redbull in Pakistan were based on— or rather for— a very specific type of consumer. So our first task (in order to understand this consumer type, as well as the dynamics of Redbull’s marketing strategy) was to review the nature of the product, and establish a consumer profile for it.

Redbull is an energy drink, developed specially for periods of increased mental and physical exertion in humans. It aims at increasing performance, concentration and reaction speed in order to improve the vigilance and emotional status of its user. It additionally stimulates cell metabolism. Redbull’s effects are appreciated throughout the world by top athletes, busy professionals, active students and drivers on long journeys. All this information is listed on the back of a Redbull can— but what you don’t find at the back of the can is the fact that Redbull is also highly addictive! Its addictiveness is fully recognized and appreciated by Mansur Khan, the marketing head of Redbull Pakistan. He also realizes that not every consumer is a victim to it— only people who actually exert themselves physically or mentally directly after consuming a Redbull are prey. So the question that remains unanswered is: who consumes Redbull in Pakistan? What are his or her traits, tastes and habits?

It is clear that Redbull, as a product, is meant for action-oriented consumers—‘experiencers’ to be precise…young individuals who are impulsive, enthusiastic and rebellious. Experiencers combine an abstract disdain for conformity with an outsider awe of others wealth, prestige and power. Their energy finds outlets in exercise, sports, outdoor recreation and social activities.1 The consumers of Redbull in Pakistan are either outrageously social with high paced lifestyles, or extreme workaholics. They are students striving to maintain a balance between their social activities and their studies— or young white-collar workers that work from nine to five and still find the energy to make it to a party at night. They smoke and drink, and belong to the upper and upper-middle classes of our society. Being well educated, they earn at least Rs. 30,000 per month, which grants them the ability to spend Rs.100 on an energy drink daily. They can be categorized under SEC A1 Lifestyle and SEC A1.

The average consumer of Redbull falls into the young single stage in the household life cycle. This group can be subdivided into those who live with their families and those who are independent. At home, singles have fewer worries and maintain an active social life. With fewer obligations, they can often afford to go to pubs, movies and concerts; and purchase sports equipment, casual clothing and other personal care items.2

In relation to Redbull, we further divide this group into two sub-categories: Young College Students and Young White Collar workers. The prior have lesser spending power as they are dependent on their parents for money. They fall into the age group of 18-24. These Gen-Y kids are non-conformist in nature and hold strong anti-establishment opinions. On an average day, the average student spends 1.7 hours in class, and an additional 1.6 hours studying outside of it. This student has $287 (Rs.18000) to spend on discretionary items per month.3

Young White Collar workers are those who have just completed college and recently attained a regular job. They are extremely social and too belong to Gen-Y. They savor their new found independence and have larger spending power compared to college students, as they are earning themselves. They also have a tendency to buy products they have no use for and are prone to impulsive...
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