Recruitment Methods

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The most appropriate recruitment methods for shop management trainees are business college recruitment and job fair. For college recruitment, first, the salary for college students are cheap, it saves the cost of recruitment. Also, students has high learning ability and enthusiastic attitude, they are willing to learn, therefore, they are easier to train. Besides, some undergraduates and postgraduates are specialized in management in a business college, I. G. Boutique can recruit among qualified applicants. Furthermore, recruit colleges as management trainees can create sense of belongingness among employees, they have potential to be a future manager in the company.

For job fair, as many employers in a job fair come from professional association, it attracts abundant applicants especially fresh graduates from different colleges to apply job there. Also, I. G. Boutique don’t have to contribute staff to organize the job fair as the sponsor will organize it. It help them saving cost and resources.

The most appropriate selection methods for shop management trainees are interest, values and preference inventories and group interview. For interest, values and preference inventories, as I.G. Boutique want to be cost effective in training management trainees, they will definitely want outstanding trainees to stay and become the future manager. Therefore, it’s better to choose interested and qualified applicants because they have a higher chance to stay. This method can assess the interest of applicants prefer to do both on and off the job so that the employees can measure the occupational interest and chose the enthusiastic and stable applicants.

For group interview, a group of candidates are given a case to solve, through the process of discussion, interviewer can access the leadership skills and communication skills of candidates which are essential element for management trainees. As different selection methods are used in selecting management trainees and there are even multiple selection methods, assessment center can be used as it provides different selection methods. As management trainees are trained to be future mangers, they are potential high-level jobs, it’s better to assess their leadership and communication skills in more accurate selection method. As assessment center form by a group of professional, KSAOs can be measure more accurate.

The most appropriate recruitment methods for window display designer are design association recruitment and employment agencies. For design association recruitment, as the members of the association are specialized in design, I. G. Boutique can recruit among qualified applicants. Also, some experienced members have they own designer network, they will refer the recruitment to suitable designer. That is an indirect effect by using the network of the members. Besides, some design association publish magazine as well, we have higher recognition which attract readers to read the website where I.G. Boutique post the advertisement.

For employment agencies, they will search suitable applicants and send the CV to I.G. Boutique, then, I. G. Boutique are able to choose the best among the suitable applicants.

The most appropriate selection methods for window display designer are performance test and panel interview. For performance test, the applicants are asked to do immediate performance like to do a window display immediately in a given resources, the interviewer can measure the quality and the style of the candidates whether it suits the theme of the boutique or not.

For panel interview, though the process of chatting with the panel, the interviewer can access whether applicants are agree with the design style requirement of panels. As window display designers give a first impression of the Boutique, it is very important whether the image fix the expression of the whole branch of the boutique.

The most appropriate recruitment methods for general clerk are...
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