Recruitment and Selection

Topics: Human resource management, Recruitment, Employment Pages: 12 (2573 words) Published: August 4, 2010

1 Introduction
2 Literature review
3 Company Profile
4 Objectives
5 Recruitment and Selection
6 Conclusions
7 Bibliographies


The study is on recruitment and selection of human resource which is the movable asset of the company. In today's rapidly changing business environment, organizations have to respond quickly to requirements for people. Hence, it is important to have a well-defined recruitment policy in place, which can be executed effectively to get the best fits for the vacant positions. Selecting the wrong candidate or rejecting the right candidate could turn out to be costly mistakes for the organization. Selection is one area where the interference of external factors is minimal. Hence the HR department can use its discretion in framing its selection policy and using various selection tools for the best results. This case lets discuss the importance of having an effective recruitment and selection policy. They discuss the importance of a good selection process that starts with gathering complete information about the applicant from his application form and ends with inducting the candidate into the organization. Employee recruitment forms a major part of an organization's overall re-sourcing strategies which seek to identify and secure the people needed for the organization to survive and succeed in the short to medium-term. Recruitment activities need to be responsive to the ever-increasingly competitive market to secure suitably qualified and capable recruits at all levels. To be effective these initiatives need to include how and when to source the best recruits internally or externally. Common to the success of either are; well-defined organizational structures with sound job design, robust task and person specification and versatile selection processes, reward, employment relations and human resource policies, underpinned by a commitment for strong employer branding and employee engagement strategies. Internal recruitment can provide the most cost-effective source for recruits if the potential of the existing pool of employees has been enhanced through training, development and other performance-enhancing activities such as performance appraisal, succession planning and development centers to review performance and assess employee development needs and promotional potential. Increasingly, securing the best quality candidates for almost all organizations will rely, at least occasionally if not substantially, on external recruitment methods. Rapid changing business models demand skills of experiences which cannot be sourced or rapidly enough developed from the existing employee base. It would be unusual for an organization today to undertake all aspects of the recruitment process without support from third-party dedicated recruitment firms. This may involve a range of support services, such as; provision of CVs or resumes, identifying recruitment media, advertisement design and media placement for job vacancies, candidate response handling, short listing, conducting aptitude testing, preliminary interviews or reference and qualification verification. Typically, small organizations may not have in-house resources or, in common with larger organizations, may not possess the particular skill-set required to undertake a specific recruitment assignment. Where requirements arise they will be referred on an adhoc basis to government job centers or commercially run employment agencies. Except in sectors where high-volume recruitment is the norm, an organization faced with an unexpected requirement for an unusually large number of new recruits at short notice will often hand over the task to a specialist external recruiter to manage the end-to-end re-sourcing programme. Sourcing executive-level and senior management as well as the acquisition of scarce or ‘high-potential’ recruits has been a long-established market serviced by a wide range of ‘search and...
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