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P1 – Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources.

Internal recruitment
A person recruited to do the job is taken from inside the organisation. This means that the person recruited will already know the organisation structure and the skills needed to work there. Furthermore, internal recruitment is seen as an opportunity for current employees to gain a chance of promotion, hence it will be motivating for them. External recruitment

External recruitment is the process of hiring from outside the business. This process includes the business recruiting themselves by using job centres, consultants and recruiting agencies. Bradford College – Internal recruitment

Bradford College is one of the biggest Further and Higher Education providers in the UK, offering over 1000 courses that cover a full range of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional qualifications. The College employs around 1800 staff, comprising full and part time lecturers, administrative, professional, technical, craft and manual staff. Despite college employing 1800 staff, there is always a chance of redundancy and members of staff leaving for either personal reasons such as maternity or sickness which creates vacancies that need filling. There are two ways of recruiting: internal and external. For Example Bradford College has decided to recruit internally as it searches for in-house employees who have the abilities and the attitudes to fulfil the requirements needed and to help the organisation achieve its objectives. The sources of the internal process of its recruitment could be the following: TRANSFERS

The employees are transferred from one department to another according to their efficiency and experience.

The employees are promoted from one department to another with more benefits and larger responsibility based on efficiency and experience.

3. Others are Upgrading and downgrading of present employees according to their performance.

4. Retired employees may also be recruited once again in case of shortage of qualified personnel or increase in load of work. Recruitment of such people save time and costs of the organisation as the people are already aware of the organisational culture and the policies and procedures. However there are advantages and disadvantages of internal recruiting. Advantages of internal recruiting

  Since the college is focused on an already existing pool of employees to fill a vacant position, therefore selection and socializing processes are less time and money consuming, as internal recruiting tends to be less expensive than external recruiting.  The view of potential promotion or transfers will provide a clear sign to the current work force that the college offers room for advancement. This addresses the employee's need for self-achievement.   The familiarity of the employee has a two-side effect: On the one hand the employee is familiar with the organisation policies, procedures, and customs. At the same time, the college has established an employment history showing the workers formal and informal skills and abilities. Disadvantages of internal recruiting

  One problem of general internal recruiting is the reduced likelihood of innovation and new perspectives. Due to a lack of new employees from the outside leads to a lack of new ideas and approaches.   A use of the internal pool for the thought of vacant positions can lead to conflicts with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This would mean that Bradford College has to ensure and continuously check its balance of a diverse workforce. This has to relate to the organisation’s legal, political and geographical environment.  Internal recruiting demands a higher degree of employee training. In order to develop the skills needed to train the current workforce in new processes and technologies, the college will have to provide a more expensive training program.

Tesco – External recruitment...
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