Recognition of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Aboriginal peoples in Canada, First Nations Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: March 9, 2014
The statement, “Canada has not yet come to terms with its Aboriginal Heritage.” (pg. 352 Newhouse and Belanger) means, the Canadian society has ignored the importance Aboriginal people had in the formation of Canada, and it also means that Canada has not come to terms with its mistreatment of Aboriginal peoples. In this essay I will argue that Canada must learn about Aboriginal peoples history, identity, and treaties in order to build a strong relationship for the future, by the implementation of educational programs throughout Canada’s educational system. I will do this by explaining the important roles Aboriginal peoples played in forming Canada, how respecting the treaties will build a better relationship amongst the two societies, and recognizing Aboriginal identity is no longer inferior to that of Europeans. Aboriginal history begins hundreds of years before European settlers arrived in Canada; yet many Canadians do not know the real history of Aboriginal people: “In popular Canadian history books until recently, Aboriginal peoples appear at the beginning, then disappear, only to pop up again like prairie gophers.” (pg. 352) This makes it easy to disregard the roles Aboriginal people played in the formation of Canada. John Ralston Saul argued, “Canada is founded upon three pillars: English, French, and Aboriginal. He argues that there has been little recognition of Aboriginal people as a pillar or as a foundational group.”(pg. 352) It is important for Canadians to learn that without the help of Aboriginal people, the outcome of this country may have been significantly different. Aboriginal people played a great role in creating partnerships with the settlers, they taught settlers how to live on this land, and provided settlers with supplies necessary to survive. This knowledge may prove to be valuable in creating a newfound respect for Aboriginal people. Canada needs to recognize the relationships Aboriginal people formed were based on trust, equality, and...

Bibliography: Belanger, Y., Newhouse, D. (2006). The Canada Problem in Aboriginal Politics. In O.P. Dickason & D. Long eds. Visions of the Heart. Oxford University Press. 2011. (Ed.), Title of book (pp. first page-last page). City: Publisher.
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