Real Estate Interview

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Graphic communication Pages: 4 (1402 words) Published: November 28, 2010
To be able to find the best candidate for the interview I had to look everywhere and had to ask everyone for an interview, but after getting turned down from a couple agents turns out that my friends real estate agent is one of the best and well know respected person at what he does, his name is Ludyn Tijerino. Mr. Tijerino works for an agency called Approved 4 keys. I was able to get in contact with this person through a favor done from my friend. My overall assessment of this interview is that it turns out that in the real estate business there is more to it than what I had imagine. Many of the questions that I had asked seemed to be answered by the time I got there for interview. Mr. Tijerino Seems to be a real great person at what he does and how he deals with his business, but three very important aspects that seemed pretty relevant about him is that he was very clear about what he said and got the point across thoroughly with effectiveness, second he seems to be a person very well connected and constantly communicating with other professionals, third his he had very good Non-Verbal communications in which he made me not feel nervous around him while conducting the interview. By the time Mr. Tijerino was 22 when he had lost his job at Big 5 nonetheless times were a little better 10 years ago, so he started working for real estate Brokerage not knowing about the business. But yet he was making good money, he enjoyed the fact that he was considered self-employed and making good money. At first I was pretty nervous of just going into an office like I was channel 4 news and start interviewing this person I had never met, but it turns out that the moment I walked into the door I was welcomed very warmly by the receptionist then he came down and gave me a handshake welcome, he was a very inviting person. As I started my interview I noticed he dedicated his full attention with me and always kept eye contact with me. He seem to be a very interesting person...
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