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There are positives and negatives of using a muscle building products like Creatine. Creatine obviously boost muscle building, but it comes with negatives. If not used properly it causes weight gain, and all of it is mostly water weight. So you have to know how to properly maintain your body if you’re going to use this supplement. However, I feel that the Pros outweigh the cons if used properly.

Positives included added intensity in workouts to build more muscle mass, Enhanced athletic performance, and increased metabolism. However there are as many if not more negatives in using a muscle building product like creatine.

The added boost of intensity that creatine gives your body quickly, which allows you to work out harder longer to more quickly obtain muscle mass. When used in proper fashion, it allows your body to reach a higher peak in performance, building muscle mass and trimming fat faster. This causes quicker improved performance in the physical part of athletics.(* These type of activities will rely primarily on the CP-ATP system, so by ensuring your supply of creatine phosphate is fully stocked, allowing you more strength and endurance.) *Pulled directly from . Amongst other things, lastly it can increase metabolism. Creatine helps increase your recovery rate, allowing you to become more active longer, helping increase your bodies metabolism.

In all though if not used properly, creatine can be bad for you, I feel as if the overall benefits of the product can help a person get in better shape fast, and the reward far outweigh the risk.

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