Questionnaire Customer Expectation

Topics: Change, Morocco, Politics of Nigeria Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Changes that affected 15 companies:

-1/Emergent countries such as China or the BRICS: affected many companies in the way they perform , like Apple who wanted to reduce its cost of production by relocating to Brasil paying 250$/month per employee.

2/Nike as well relocated to China in order to reduce its cost, and used child labour for many years until the world human rights forbidden this illegal labour.

3/Thanks to the e-commerce today many commercial companies are offering commercial transaction (buy/ sell) online directly on internet. For example you can shop at Asda or Tesco while you are on your sofa. Then you can wait for the delivery.

4/The M-commerce is as well today one of the biggest changes of the 21st century as you have internet on you phone, and many companies have created a portal for mobiles in order to shop directly from you mobile. The most important example is Amazon and Ebay.

5/The collapse of the soviet union, helped many countries to emerge. Russia today is providing Europe with gas: 25% or Europe gas comes from Russia.( many European companies are providing gas from Russia)

6/The Nigerian government imposes to all foreign companies that wants to establish in Nigeria to do a joint venture with any local Nigerian company. For example Cakasa and Fluor alliance.

7/Solar panels are one of the most important ecological innovations: many companies are using renewable resources. Intel corporation is an example.

8/The Moroccan government signed a transactions agreements with Turkey concerning goods and services. It helped many Turkish companies to establish their sales point in morocco without paying any taxes. The example is BIM : supermarkets.

9/Fashion is one of the most changeable social tendancy in the world, but the fact that there is one same fashion trend all over the world permitted to many companies to emerge. In other words, fashion changes from one season to another, but when it comes, it’s all for all...
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